Category: Science Fiction

After They Came by Dan Harary (Book Review #1464)

‘After They Came’ is a science fiction book about Jonathan Tickerman, who has lost everything and is very alone. After reaching 70, he decides to take his life by drowning. Still, instead, he becomes the wonder man after he is chosen by the interdimensional… Continue Reading “After They Came by Dan Harary (Book Review #1464)”

THE SUPERFLARE by Andrew G. Bergerr (Book Review #1456)

‘The Superflare’ is a post-apocalyptic dystopian story filled with science fiction. It’s 2051, and a gigantic solar storm has hit the earth, making living almost impossible. All digital devices and power supplies have been destroyed.

Beyond the Atmosphere by Wayne McKinstry (Book Review #1453)

‘Beyond the Atmosphere’ is a military and science fiction book. The concept of the story revolves around Nordstrom and his friends saving the world from annihilation. An asteroid is attacking, and Nordstrom has to defend his planet.

Dusk Upon Elysium By Tamel Wino (Book Review #1452)

‘Dusk Upon Elysium’ is a dystopian science fiction story filled with horror and suspense. The world is dark and dreadful. Nergal virus has taken over the world, and Geoff is trying not to get infected.

Tesla by JASON WALKER (Book Review #1439)

‘Tesla’ is a mystery thriller filled with science fiction. It begins with Darren finding the original Tesla document that provides him with information that changes everyone’s fate.

On the Edge of Forever by J D Beedle (Book Review #1427)

‘On the Edge of Forever’ is a time travel filled with science fiction and time travel elements. Introduced with a beautifully designed book cover, you immediately notice the attention given to detail.

Fear of the Dark by Ross Harrison (Book Review #1418)

‘Fear of the Dark’ is a sci-fi space story. It is filled with fantasy, thriller scenes and post-apocalyptic material. It all. Begins with Ruby Rose, a medical frigate picking up an SOS and sending medics into the raging storm only to realize that they… Continue Reading “Fear of the Dark by Ross Harrison (Book Review #1418)”

The Trial Show: The Resistance Rises by Konstantina P. (Book Review #1407)

‘The Trial Show: The Resistance’ is a dystopian story and is the first book in its series. It is filled with LGBTQ, romance, and science fiction. If you are into complex scenes and plotlines, this one is for you.

End Man by Alex Austin (Book Review #1395)

‘End Man’ is a metaphysical science fiction story filled with cyberpunk and many action-adventure scenes. The story begins with Raphael Lennon’s hunting down ‘possums’, that is, people who fake their deaths so they can disappear.