Category: Science Fiction

 No Man’s Land by Ben Magid (Book Review #976)

No man’s land is a dystopian fiction about Rebel, the last remaining human alive on planet earth. Her life is simply about survival and avoiding being hunted by androids. Her only hope and help is a Mech named Thomas, helping her and providing hope… Continue Reading ” No Man’s Land by Ben Magid (Book Review #976)”

Callisto 2.0 by Susan English (Book Review #975)

Callisto 2.0 is a science fiction novel about a fascinating woman named Cali moving to a station orbiting the moon in order to work on a high-speed, technically advanced machine. Cali is a physicist, and this opportunity is excellent for her. Cali loves her… Continue Reading “Callisto 2.0 by Susan English (Book Review #975)”

The Felled – Never Going Back by Ryan S. Leavitt (Book Review #971)

The felled is the first book in its series. The science fiction story begins 12 years after humans have left Earth. With all residing on a ship called Arqa, their primary mission is to create AI in order to bring about an event hailed… Continue Reading “The Felled – Never Going Back by Ryan S. Leavitt (Book Review #971)”

JoinWith.Me by MIKE MEIER (Book Review #969)

Joinwith.Me is a post-apocalyptic science fiction story about Sam and how his life changes when he stumbles upon a website that at first seems to be helpful but then happens to be a completely diverse endeavor. Sam meets a girl that introduces him to… Continue Reading “JoinWith.Me by MIKE MEIER (Book Review #969)”

Angel Six Echo by Robert Appleton (Book Review #945)

Angel six echo is a sci-fi action-adventure novel written about Gabby, a retired military black op, and her husband, Dalton, a history school teacher. Dalton volunteers to go to Orontes, a disputed mining planet, to fight for the colonies. Gabby goes with him to… Continue Reading “Angel Six Echo by Robert Appleton (Book Review #945)”

Leaving Safety by Philip Monnin and Sheena Monnin (Book Review #936)

Leaving safety is a science fiction story about ten super-brainy scientists being selectively taken away from Earth in the 1970s to find out later that they were chosen for their genius background and to create this secret colony of enhanced humans on the Moon.

The Tenant’s Wrath Gabriel Nombo (Book Review #954)

The Tenant’s Wrath is a sci-fi story set in the 34th century. It is a research report on how aliens live on their planet and how they have been detected one century after the first signal was indicated.

Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)

Shackles of the storm is the first book in the Spirits of Seiran series. The story is set in the city of Kahlaran, which is a seaside port city. The story begins with Zaira, the adopted daughter of a perfumer accused of a double… Continue Reading “Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)”

Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)

Quantum Cannibals is a dystopian, time travel, science fiction story set from the Bronze age Mesopotamia to the post-Modern city-state. The content’s premise is about the protagonist being born repeatedly during different periods only to watch her return to the home she was once… Continue Reading “Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)”