Category: Science Fiction

Angel Six Echo by Robert Appleton (Book Review #945)

Angel six echo is a sci-fi action-adventure novel written about Gabby, a retired military black op, and her husband, Dalton, a history school teacher. Dalton volunteers to go to Orontes, a disputed mining planet, to fight for the colonies. Gabby goes with him to… Continue Reading “Angel Six Echo by Robert Appleton (Book Review #945)”

Leaving Safety by Philip Monnin and Sheena Monnin (Book Review #936)

Leaving safety is a science fiction story about ten super-brainy scientists being selectively taken away from Earth in the 1970s to find out later that they were chosen for their genius background and to create this secret colony of enhanced humans on the Moon.

The Tenant’s Wrath Gabriel Nombo (Book Review #954)

The Tenant’s Wrath is a sci-fi story set in the 34th century. It is a research report on how aliens live on their planet and how they have been detected one century after the first signal was indicated.

Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)

Shackles of the storm is the first book in the Spirits of Seiran series. The story is set in the city of Kahlaran, which is a seaside port city. The story begins with Zaira, the adopted daughter of a perfumer accused of a double… Continue Reading “Shackles of the Storm by D. and L. Kardenal (Book Review #924)”

Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)

Quantum Cannibals is a dystopian, time travel, science fiction story set from the Bronze age Mesopotamia to the post-Modern city-state. The content’s premise is about the protagonist being born repeatedly during different periods only to watch her return to the home she was once… Continue Reading “Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)”

Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison (Book Review #918)

Church of the assassin is the fifth book in the Nexus series. It is a thriller story about an assassin named Alexiares who has survived a deadly attack from her own sect. She inherits a baby, and while she only knows how to fix… Continue Reading “Church of the Assassin by Ross Harrison (Book Review #918)”

Truth of the Shadows by Slade Templeton (Book review #901)

Truth of the shadows is a dark paranormal story about Joseph. He is a Psychiatrist working at Cottage Grove Hospital. His normal routine is to deal with his troubled patients, but strange things begin to happen at the facility. As time goes by, he… Continue Reading “Truth of the Shadows by Slade Templeton (Book review #901)”

The Reluctant Wizard by A. A. Warne (Book Review#900)

The reluctant wizard is a sci-fi fantasy story about Eli. His family is constantly threatened by the warlocks hence, he decides to go to the wizarding world and study magic. Terra Magicae is not an ordinary lace and as the wizards promise to protect… Continue Reading “The Reluctant Wizard by A. A. Warne (Book Review#900)”

Ghouls and Alchemy by Amy B. Nixon (Book Review #897)

Ghouls and Alchemy is an Amethyst hunter story. It is a genetic engineering science fiction story about Nathan Holloway, a US Marine but transformed into an Amethyst Hunter.