Tag: Dystopian

All in the name of God by James Weir (Book Review #878)

All in the name of God is a dystopian thriller set in a world that is run by Evangelicals. They have taken over the government and rights to many things, such as the right to vote for Muslims, or reproduction for females, or even… Continue Reading “All in the name of God by James Weir (Book Review #878)”

A Road to Redemption by Mark F. Geatches (Book Review #877)

A road to redemption is a dystopian/YA novel story that begins with Dictator Joseph Stoner, who has transformed the once-beloved America into a socialist utopia. A wave of destruction has left America unrecognizable. Zammi, Sydney, and Straz take it upon themselves to find a… Continue Reading “A Road to Redemption by Mark F. Geatches (Book Review #877)”

Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy (Book Review #842)

Game of mass destruction is a dystopian sci-fi book written about Yuzuko. She is forced to take part in the game of mass destruction. It is a reality tv show hosting twenty contestant fighting robots. As Yuzuko participates in the 30th season, she has… Continue Reading “Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy (Book Review #842)”

The Rayne Project (Project Hercules, Book 1) by Lyna Lopez (Book Review #804)

The Rayne project is a sci-fi, dystopian superhuman novel about Rayne. A plague has taken over the world, and the habitable zones are governed by the military, who use super-soldiers to fight the battle for them. For some particular reason, Rayne turns out to… Continue Reading “The Rayne Project (Project Hercules, Book 1) by Lyna Lopez (Book Review #804)”

The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert (Book Review #757)

The Vatican games is a dystopian literary/contemporary novel written about a terrorist attack that has left the planet in destruction and has contaminated hectares of land. Technology is then the saving power, and video games are what restores life to the survivors; however, somethings… Continue Reading “The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert (Book Review #757)”

The black sky by Timothy D. Minneci (Book Review #702)

The black sky is a post-apocalyptic story set in Manhattan. It is the first book of a trilogy, and the story begins with Bishop working off to clear his citizenship dept. An offer comes with a task. Bishop’s debt is cleared if she goes… Continue Reading “The black sky by Timothy D. Minneci (Book Review #702)”

The Western Passage: Exodus by G. DiCarlo (Book Review #645)

The western passage is a fantasy novel written about the human and vampire race fighting against a group of scientists that have developed a genetic form of superhumans that threaten them.

Arid by Anne Joyce (Book Review #629)

Arid is a dystopian futuristic story where a group of moguls has created an unbearable living situation. Joshua, Xiomara, and others are all fighting to simply survive the situation and to provide vital resources, such as water.

Kill Code: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel by Clive Fleury (Book Review #549)

  Kill code is a dystopian futuristic novel set written in 2031. The world is run by the rich, and this science fiction story is based on a harsh environment living situation where the oceans rise high every day.