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Genepool by A. E. Price (Book Review #1140)

Genepool is a young adult/adult crossover science fiction fantasy book. It is the debut novel from A. E. Price and begins with eleven-year-old Anya. She is special in so many ways, but above all, her genes have been modified before she was even born.

Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti (Book Review #1130)

Surrogate Colony is a sci-fi dystopian story set in a post-pandemic world where everything is controlled by x-ray vision and is databased. Adrian Buckowski is a young woman living amongst others but, for some reason, is dissimilar. Her eyes are different, the medications don’t… Continue Reading “Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti (Book Review #1130)”

The Scars of Gaia by R. P. Lauer (Book Review #1108)

The scars of Gaia is a science fiction story about swords and sorcery. It begins with James struggling to provide for himself and his mother. He meets Claire, a scientist, and both take a journey of self-discovery and so much more.

Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)

Hausa blue is an alternative history book about a world where the monarchy is a fraud and the Queen is an imposter. A commoner has exposed their identity with a different skin tone. There are strong female characters, and the premise is filled with… Continue Reading “Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)”

My Fatal Futility Shellshock by N.J.M. Hemfrey (Book Review #1104)

My fatal futility is an action thriller cyberpunk, time travel story about Kage Carnifex. The story is set in the year 2322. 61-year-old Kage is not in a good state, moving forward 100 years in the future, you see a 9 year old Kage … Continue Reading “My Fatal Futility Shellshock by N.J.M. Hemfrey (Book Review #1104)”

THE INTERSTELLAR POLICE FORCE Book One: The Historic Mission by Raymond F. Klein (Book Review #1103)

The interstellar police force is a science fiction action comedy, and it’s about Prodor Moffit and four other prisoners who have escaped Earth. Two IPF agents have been assigned to find them, and as the story moves along, you notice that things will not… Continue Reading “THE INTERSTELLAR POLICE FORCE Book One: The Historic Mission by Raymond F. Klein (Book Review #1103)”

The Last Century by Jakub Filo (Book Review #1100)

The last century is a dystopian science fiction set in 2076. The world is in a climate crisis. Part of the planet is uninhabitable, and what remains is filled with a small amount of civilization fighting for resources.

Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri (Book Review #1084)

Into the violet gardens is a cyberpunk science fiction story set in the year 2024. The story revolves around dealing with a cold-blooded cartel that has taken over Latin America. Levi, a cyborg on the bureau’s virtual team, gets the mission to deal with… Continue Reading “Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri (Book Review #1084)”

God Games by James A. Scott (Book Review #1061)

God Games is a science fiction story set 3000 years after a Holy Nuclear Civil War that has almost destroyed a place called Heaven. The place has science and technology devoted to it and set aside religion altogether. It is governed by a few… Continue Reading “God Games by James A. Scott (Book Review #1061)”