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Travels with Maurice by By Gary Orleck (Book Review #1157)

Travels with Maurice is a nonfiction book about Gary and his friend, Maurice, a man from a very rich Iranian family on a voyage visiting 12 countries, meeting the Elite of the London music scene, dining with kings and queens, like the Shah of… Continue Reading “Travels with Maurice by By Gary Orleck (Book Review #1157)”

The Orange Dragon Bowl by Betty P. Notzon (Book Review #1035)

The Orang Dragon Bowl is a young adult story about a 15-year-old girl, Julie Tyler. Things turn for the worse when an incident of food poisoning happens at school, her mother has cancer and a gang fight occurs, causing a lot of emotional disruption.

She Lost Her Muse by June Rollins (Book Review #915)

She lost her muse is a beautiful story about two friends, Meagan and Poppy. College roommates, successful artists, and best of friends, nothing seems to be stopping for these two girls. Suddenly, Poppy loses a semester before graduating and her father, Pastor Wayne, sends… Continue Reading “She Lost Her Muse by June Rollins (Book Review #915)”

Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)

Bottomless cups is the story really begins with Teddy and Ray spending their life drinking endless cups of coffee at various restaurants that offer refills without you having to purchase any food. With coffee, many stories of discussions, memories, and challenges occur that shape… Continue Reading “Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)”

My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj (Book Review #728)

My dear Ellie is a fictional story about love and friends. It begins with Ellie wanting to be a superstar. Her dream and ambitions are so intense that she does not want to take a long time to achieve it. As the going says,… Continue Reading “My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj (Book Review #728)”

Spilling Blood by L. Penn (Book Review #669)

Spilling blood is a story of revenge. The author tells the story of a teenager who is raped by her boyfriend and how she takes every measure to take back what she feels she lost. Toni is strong, and with the help of her… Continue Reading “Spilling Blood by L. Penn (Book Review #669)”

The Parrot by Christy Astremsky (Book Review #595)

The Parrot is a collection of five children’s stories teaching children how not just to try to work on their image but to also be competent and helpful to others. It discusses what true friendship is and how kindness can kill evil. The author… Continue Reading “The Parrot by Christy Astremsky (Book Review #595)”

Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown (Book Review #559)

Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown   Treading the uneven road is a short collection storybook that is all set in a small village in the early 1980s and ’90s. Each story is filled with passion and interesting characters. It focuses on Ireland… Continue Reading “Treading the Uneven Road by Lorna Brown (Book Review #559)”

Purple Pup by Karl Steam (Book Review #496)

Purple Pup is a sweet novel about Lav a purple pup. He has been genetically modified, and due to his DNA capabilities, he is not only purple, but he is also unique in his own way. He is treated differently than the other animals,… Continue Reading “Purple Pup by Karl Steam (Book Review #496)”