Tag: Action Adventure

A Mind for Mischief by Philip Why (Book Review #1388)

A Mind for Mischief is a science fiction story filled with action, adventure and technology that keeps you on edge.

Forgotten Evil by Quill Holland (Book Review #1367)

Forgotten Evil is a science fiction story about Raith, who is 30 years old and only remembers the last two years of his life. He lives on Planet Gaia and has a lovely life until his girlfriend is captured, and he stops at nothing… Continue Reading “Forgotten Evil by Quill Holland (Book Review #1367)”

Tomorrow’s End by G.R. Morris (Book Review #1319)

Tomorrow’s End is book one of its series and is filled with demons, aliens, and a galaxy-saving prophecy. The premise is concise and trends on two characters that are well created and mesh well together, keeping you engaged until the end.

Discovery of the Five Senses by K, N, Smith (Book Review #1277)

Discover of the five senses is a children’s Superhero Action & Adventure story. The book is for young readers, and so the material inside, plotline, storytelling, and dialogue are all written for its specific age.

Blood Legacy by Tej Turner (Book Review #1256)

Blood Legacy is a dark fantasy action-adventure story. It is the second book of the “Avatars of Ruin” series. The story picks up from where it left off. I had read the author’s first book, “Bloodsworn,” so I was excited to see what happens… Continue Reading “Blood Legacy by Tej Turner (Book Review #1256)”

LiT: Part 1 – The Dark Ignites by Maxwell F. Hurley (Book Review #1237)

The dark ignites is a fantasy action-adventure story written for the young adult audience. This is book one of its series and lays a foundation of a thrilling premise. Alex, the protagonist, is a young girl who is true to herself and means well.… Continue Reading “LiT: Part 1 – The Dark Ignites by Maxwell F. Hurley (Book Review #1237)”

They Call Him Sizzleborn by Bret Tallman (Book Review #1118)

They call him Sizzleborn is an action-adventure story about a professional cage fighter, Charlie Tate. He is married to Vivienne Quick and has two sons with her. As they move to his wife’s old family home, he discovers that his wife has been hiding… Continue Reading “They Call Him Sizzleborn by Bret Tallman (Book Review #1118)”

The Frontline: Season 1 Episode 1 by MICHAEL SANTINO (Book Review #957)

The frontline is a Crime thriller and written in episodes of a serial nature. It is written in short installments and can be read in short sittings. The story begins with an investigation conducted over a domestic terrorism incident. The job is given to… Continue Reading “The Frontline: Season 1 Episode 1 by MICHAEL SANTINO (Book Review #957)”

Promise. A Book Of Death by David Applebury (Book Review #983)

Promise is a young adult action-adventure story. The story’s premise begins with a man dying and entering a fantasy world where he works with Death. The tasks given to him are tedious, and he has to deal with Angels, demons, heroes, and villains. The… Continue Reading “Promise. A Book Of Death by David Applebury (Book Review #983)”