Tag: thriller

Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons (Book Review#1345)

‘Whispers of Innocence’ is a thriller story about Madeline and how her seven-month-old baby dies in the middle of the night. Abigail dies, and Madeline and her husband, Brian, discover bruises on her neck, making sure that it is not an accident.

Harvesting Evil by CJ Wheeler (Book Review #1336)

Harvesting Evil is a crime thriller set in Lake Michigan, where a serial killer is on the loose, and young women are mutilated and resurfacing. Sheriff Parker is doing all he can, and as he reaches the FBI for assistance, things begin to take… Continue Reading “Harvesting Evil by CJ Wheeler (Book Review #1336)”

Big Shot by Kirsten Weiss (Book Review #1335)

‘Big Shot’ is a murder mystery story and the first of its series. The story begins with Alice and her pursuit that does not go well. To run away from all the heat, she retreats to her hometown in Nevada, but trouble follows her,… Continue Reading “Big Shot by Kirsten Weiss (Book Review #1335)”

Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May (Book Review #1326)

Lethal Keystrokes is an action thriller story that highlights the threat we face from all the individuals who wish to seek revenge over personal matters and use our vulnerability in order to achieve their goals.

The White Lie by Zarnaab Adil (Book Review #1310)

The White Lie is a short dystopian thriller written filled with the journey of Foreign Minister Shahzain Magsi and his man Hasan Murtaza navigating Pakistan and organizing the 2036 OIC Summit.