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Fire & Ice (Book 2 in the Mauzzy & Me Mystery series) by B.T. Polcari (Book Review #1435)

‘Fire and Ice’ is the second book of the Mauzzy and Me Mystery season. The story begins with Sara Donovan, who suspects that one of the rare gems held in the vault at the Carlton Museum has been replaced with a fake.

Big Shot by Kirsten Weiss (Book Review #1335)

‘Big Shot’ is a murder mystery story and the first of its series. The story begins with Alice and her pursuit that does not go well. To run away from all the heat, she retreats to her hometown in Nevada, but trouble follows her,… Continue Reading “Big Shot by Kirsten Weiss (Book Review #1335)”

MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)

Mafia Muse is a crime thriller with a strong female protagonist, Anna Riccio, showing all the ups and downs of being a Club Singer and a wife to a Mob Boss. The story is set in the 1940s and channels through many international dramas… Continue Reading “MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)”

The Secret Resort of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver (Book Review #1278)

The secret resort of Nostalgia is a mystery romance and begins with Mike Denning accepting the perfect job. He is in charge of documenting details on an island resort in Nostalgia.

The Hypnotist’s Assistant: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality by Richard DeVall (Book Review #1266)

The hypnotist’s assistant is a Christian mystery suspense romance story about Gary and the Earl. First, you mean Earl, a fallen fireman and magician who is paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair. You then meet Gary Crockett, a young boy who finds Earl, his neighbor,… Continue Reading “The Hypnotist’s Assistant: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality by Richard DeVall (Book Review #1266)”

Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)

Songbird is a historical mystery and is book one of the Jax Diamond Mystery series. Jax Diamon Is a private detected and is investigating a playwright’s death. When Laura Graystone, a Broadway star, gets involved in the investigation, things take a turn for both… Continue Reading “Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)”


Victorian Songlight is a magic and mystery story about Kate. She comes from a troubling past and is a 41-year-old bisexual woman who lives in a small Victorian town in the Ozark mountains. Kate is an artist and has psychic powers. Her life changes… Continue Reading “VICTORIAN SONGLIGHT: BIRTHINGS OF MAGIC & MYSTERY by Kathy Martone (Book Review #956)”

And The Devil Walks Away by Kevin R. Doyle (Book Review #964)

And the devil walks away is a mystery thriller about Helen being hired by a criminal in order to prove that he has committed the crimes another has been claiming. The serial killer wishes to dig up more crimes than the police know so… Continue Reading “And The Devil Walks Away by Kevin R. Doyle (Book Review #964)”

The forger and the thief by Kirsten McKenzie (Book Review #928)

The forger and the thief is a historical mystery story about five strangers who, each to their own, are entangled in the forger’s wicked web and have an agenda and a part to play in the story.