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Tesla by JASON WALKER (Book Review #1439)

‘Tesla’ is a mystery thriller filled with science fiction. It begins with Darren finding the original Tesla document that provides him with information that changes everyone’s fate.

God’s Gift by Remi Dewitt (Book Review #1160)

God’s gift is a science fiction story about Devon, a little girl who meets an alien robot and asks him to help her make the world a little better. She calls it Auntie, and the two instantly bond and travel together.

Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)

Searching for Sarah is a mystery romance novel about Tom Ruiz’s emotional journey dealing with the grief of losing his sister, Nina. Tom aims to fulfill her dying wish by locating Nina’s love, a woman named Sarah. Nina’s diary is his only source of… Continue Reading “Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)”

THE GOPHER KING by Gojan Nikolich (Book Review#829)

The Gopher King is a dark comedy story about Stan Przewalski. He lives in a PTSD fueled world where he remembers and daily punishes himself for what he perceives as a cowardly past.

Mortal Conspiracy by NOEL SCIDMORE (Book Review #796)

Mortal Conspiracy is a crime mystery novel written about Dr. Brad Pierson investigating the death of Butch Kennedy. Butch passes away after he has a second heart attack, and Dr. Pierson is the one who does his autopsy. The 29-year-old pathologist happens to come across… Continue Reading “Mortal Conspiracy by NOEL SCIDMORE (Book Review #796)”

The Magnolia That Bloomed Unseen by Ray Smith (Book Review #752)

The Magnolia that bloomed unseen is a romance novel written about Molly. She makes a phone call at the age of 103, to RC Smith who is an English teacher and writer, asking him to write her love story.

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Ms. Never by Colin Dodds (Book Review #692)

Ms. Never is a science fiction novel written about Ms. Never. Farya lives in a city that is depressed. She is the daughter of a famous astronaut and falls in love with Bryan, a divorced telecom CEO. His job is not all that it… Continue Reading “Ms. Never by Colin Dodds (Book Review #692)”

The Glass Bulldog by Alison Huntingford (Book Review #682)

The glass bulldog is a historical fiction about Tom. The story is set in 1833 after Tom has lost his sister and is struggling to make ends meet. A simple mistake costs him time in prison, and once he is free, Tom ends up… Continue Reading “The Glass Bulldog by Alison Huntingford (Book Review #682)”

Behold, the creative muse.  Maddening.  Ungainly.  Inconsistent.  Unpredictable.  Ugly. by  Dr. Timothy Lawver

Behold, the creative muse.  Maddening.  Ungainly.  Inconsistent.  Unpredictable.  Ugly. by  Dr. Timothy Lawver In October of 2011, I decided I would write a very serious novel for National Novel Writing Month, the challenge to write a 50,000 word novel between November 1 and December… Continue Reading “Behold, the creative muse.  Maddening.  Ungainly.  Inconsistent.  Unpredictable.  Ugly. by  Dr. Timothy Lawver”