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Shockadelica by Jon O’ Bergh (Book Review #1110)

Shockadelica is a murder mystery and begins with two friends Kendall Akande and Jenna Chen. They both share a passion for art, fashion and podcasting. When they realize that their apartment building is haunted, they set on an adventure creating an entertaining podcast episode. … Continue Reading “Shockadelica by Jon O’ Bergh (Book Review #1110)”

The Secret Sign of the Lizard people by Kevin E. Buckley (Book Review #751)

The secret sign of the lizard is an eccentric novel about two detectives, Leafy and Beefy, who happen to come upon a homicide with an alien plot. The humorous novel then takes on the journey of how an aspiring model has been murdered.

Deadfall by Brian Lutterman (Book Review #760)

Deadfall is a mystery thriller. It is the fifth book of its series, and the story is about Pen. She is a thirty-seven-year-old attorney who has been through a lot. Pen is looking for a break, so when the FBI contacts her about an assignment,… Continue Reading “Deadfall by Brian Lutterman (Book Review #760)”

Shave Ice Paradise by Mark Seiler (Book Review #692)

Shave ice paradise is a mystery murder story. The story begins with the daughter of a Buddhist called Gina Mori. There is something suspicious about the death of her Aunt Nalani, and Gina sets to find out why. As she is searching for the… Continue Reading “Shave Ice Paradise by Mark Seiler (Book Review #692)”

Murder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo (Book Review #664)

Murder at the Columbarium is a murder mystery. Jed witnesses a woman’s dead body and a baby that is crying. Things cannot get worse for him when he is also considered as a suspect. He spends his time finding answers not only for his… Continue Reading “Murder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo (Book Review #664)”

Personalized Murder by Jeff Holt (Book Review #633)

Personalized murder is a crime story about a man that kills based on their victim’s personal weaknesses. Two of the victims happen to be the Democratic President and his VP.

And the River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder – Mystery of Leah Marcus by A. J. Ullman (Book Review #620)

And the river runs deep is a murder mystery book written about Lea Marcus. She was 17 and the daughter of a compelling Jewish family when she is brutally killed. She loved playing the piano and was a lively, delightful teenager. Her loss creates… Continue Reading “And the River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder – Mystery of Leah Marcus by A. J. Ullman (Book Review #620)”

10-30: A Riveting Crime Mystery by Michael Golvach (Book Review #613)

10-30: A Riveting Crime Mystery is a murder thriller story. Having read previous works from this author, I knew from the start that I was in for a beautiful story. Payden Becks has recently joined the police force. He works under an older, more… Continue Reading “10-30: A Riveting Crime Mystery by Michael Golvach (Book Review #613)”

Interview with the devil by Skylerr Darren (Book Review #540)

Interview with the devil is a psychological horror about Victor, a serial killer and the reasons why he became such a person. The story vibrantly explains his harsh upbringing and all of the abuse he went through in detail. It is obvious that there… Continue Reading “Interview with the devil by Skylerr Darren (Book Review #540)”