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Floyd’s Rule Book of Bad Grammar by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #709)

Floyd’s rule book of bad grammar is a self-help book written to test you on your literature and grammar. The book begins by talking about things like spelling, punctuation, and mispronunciations. It then covers a short guide to poor penmanship and even talks of… Continue Reading “Floyd’s Rule Book of Bad Grammar by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #709)”

Maps of bliss and rage by Mario Dhingsa (Book Review #683)

Maps of bliss and range by Mario Dhingsa   Maps of bliss and range is a collection of 8 stories written about all over the world. The stories are a mixture of various topics such as revenge, politics, religion, and even fairytale style notions.

Layman’s Handbook: A Journey to Self by Aidan McNally (Book Review #677)

  A Journey to self is a handbook written providing the tools for people who wish to make a change in their lives.

Murder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo (Book Review #664)

Murder at the Columbarium is a murder mystery. Jed witnesses a woman’s dead body and a baby that is crying. Things cannot get worse for him when he is also considered as a suspect. He spends his time finding answers not only for his… Continue Reading “Murder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo (Book Review #664)”

The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter by Glenn Seerup (Book Review #647)

The illuminating occurrence of Maxine porter is a story about Hayden Carlisle. He is an amateur designer who happens to start work at the Plush, a designer store, with only 23 years of age.

Memoirs of a False Messiah by Pamela Becker (Book Review #643)

Memoirs of a false Messiah is a memoir written about a woman who has a message from God. MiMi has a mission, and that has her move from her mixed religious home to Orthodox Judaism and eventually has her cultivate her own cult.

The Sparrow by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #618)

The Sparrow is a story about Jasper and Ben. This horror book begins with the two men living in a Funeral Home. As they go about their day to day life duties, dealing with the deceased, a drifter shows up looking for a job.… Continue Reading “The Sparrow by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #618)”

Wergild: A Heartwarming Tale of Coldblooded Vengeance by Boris Slocum (Book Review #596)

Wergild is a story about a girl who seeks revenge and vengeance towards the people that have murdered her family. She runs away and sells her soul to a local barrow fiend in exchange for the power to kill. Deirdre is just a girl… Continue Reading “Wergild: A Heartwarming Tale of Coldblooded Vengeance by Boris Slocum (Book Review #596)”

Shadows of Illyria: Phantoms of War by Jeffrey M Van Zuiden (Book Review #555)

Shadows of Illyria is a dark fantasy novel. It is the first book of its series and is about Captain Herboren. He not only has orcs and scoundrels to fight but also has an inner dark feeling that is taking over his own judgment… Continue Reading “Shadows of Illyria: Phantoms of War by Jeffrey M Van Zuiden (Book Review #555)”