Category: Thriller Action-Adventure

Wayward Girls by Claire Matturro and Penny Koepsel (Book Review #1119)

Wayward girls is a crime fiction story inspired by the events that occurred at Artesia Hall, a school in Texas where a female student passed away in 1972. The result of this story is what transpires in this beautifully written tale.

They Call Him Sizzleborn by Bret Tallman (Book Review #1118)

They call him Sizzleborn is an action-adventure story about a professional cage fighter, Charlie Tate. He is married to Vivienne Quick and has two sons with her. As they move to his wife’s old family home, he discovers that his wife has been hiding… Continue Reading “They Call Him Sizzleborn by Bret Tallman (Book Review #1118)”

Branching Chaos by Nathan Nish (Book Review #1116)

Branching Chaos is a psychological thriller written about Anna and her journey through different realities. She has a project to hand in but decides to give a new student the tour of the school. As the tour is happening, she experiences flickering’s and a… Continue Reading “Branching Chaos by Nathan Nish (Book Review #1116)”

Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)

Heaven’s assassins is a dark thriller, black humour, crime fiction. I found the book to be just like the author had mentioned. It was the work of street fiction. Honest thoughts, real conversations and feelings that people have. Especially liberal-minded, educated, and well-read folks… Continue Reading “Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)”

When God Called a Boy Home by Paul Hamilton Magid (Book Review #1092)

When God called a boy home is an adventure story. It is set in 1958 and begins with Joseph Conell, a high school athlete from Montana who competes in martial arts. He becomes the reigning champion and has been since such a young age.… Continue Reading “When God Called a Boy Home by Paul Hamilton Magid (Book Review #1092)”

Lost on the Edge of Eternity by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #1090)

Lost on the edge of eternity is a paranormal thriller for the young adult generation. The story begins when Brownville high counselor, Bill Fellars, meets Randy Galphin, a dead former student. Randy mentions that he and his friends are stuck between the two worlds… Continue Reading “Lost on the Edge of Eternity by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #1090)”

The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)

The balance of fear is a psychological fiction book. It is a compelling and emotionally charged story about Elizabeth Stanton. She has run away to Seattle so that she can be an art teacher. Life seems to be going her way until she finds… Continue Reading “The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)”

The Shattered Violin by Jared Bodnar (Book Review #1059)

The shattered violin is a sweet story about Conner and Cassie. They are very much in love, and their relationship is true to the bone. They are the perfect match, and you really feel for both of them. Their future happiness ends when Cassie… Continue Reading “The Shattered Violin by Jared Bodnar (Book Review #1059)”

Don’t Fence Me In by Heath Daniels (Book Review #1056)

Don’t fence me in is a contemporary fiction novel. It is set around the year 2017/18 and displays an unsettled America with several bombings, shutdowns, illegal immigrant detainments, and so much more.