Category: Thriller Action-Adventure

A Salted Slug by Joe King (Book Review #1259)

A salted slug is a crime mystery science fiction story. Zander Kain is a writer who has lost his job due to leaking classified information. He spends his days trying to get some work as a freelance writer for the Rook City Review which… Continue Reading “A Salted Slug by Joe King (Book Review #1259)”

The Adversary by Maurício Limeira (Book Review #1253)

The adversary is a crime thriller and is about Zeca, a journalist seeking revenge for the killers of his girlfriend. He feels horrible and responsible for her death. Justice to himself is only achieved when he hires a professional killer, Casimir, to find the… Continue Reading “The Adversary by Maurício Limeira (Book Review #1253)”

Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)

Twisted love is an occult horror story about Dr. Julietta, an archaeologist who discovers a chamber containing the remains of a pair of lovers in an excavation while she is in Mexico City. The finding seems to be the core of the story, and… Continue Reading “Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)”

Escaping Pretense by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #1239)

Escaping Pretense is a fictional story about Pretense Abdicator, who decides to make a plan to steal from her well-endowed financial clients and make a run for it. She works for a prestigious financial firm and works with the wealthiest clients who can make… Continue Reading “Escaping Pretense by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #1239)”

LiT: Part 1 – The Dark Ignites by Maxwell F. Hurley (Book Review #1237)

The dark ignites is a fantasy action-adventure story written for the young adult audience. This is book one of its series and lays a foundation of a thrilling premise. Alex, the protagonist, is a young girl who is true to herself and means well.… Continue Reading “LiT: Part 1 – The Dark Ignites by Maxwell F. Hurley (Book Review #1237)”

Ashes in Venice by Gojan Nikolich (Book Review #1225)

Ashes in Venice is a crime thriller story about Dr. Jasper Colt and his decision to take things into his hands when his wife and two daughters are killed, and the police fail in their investigations.

Golem by PD Alleva (Book Review #1208)

Golem is a psychological horror story set in November 1951. The story begins when John Ashton, a WWII hero is given his first assignment. It’s a high-profile case where the district attorney Charles Xavier is involved. His daughter went missing two years ago and… Continue Reading “Golem by PD Alleva (Book Review #1208)”

Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)

Shallcross is an existential thriller fiction and a perfect tale for Halloween and horror fans. The story begins with Aubrey Shallcross and his feelings of the absence of routine since he has sold his business and is retired. Things have lost their purpose, and… Continue Reading “Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)”

There’s a Dead Girl In My Yard by Angela Page and Mia Altieri (Book Review #1198) 

There’s a dead girl in my yard is a comedy crime story inspired by actual events. Poppy is a struggling actress, and her life changes when she witnesses an urn being buried. She gets involved with Dalia, a dead girl who used to be… Continue Reading “There’s a Dead Girl In My Yard by Angela Page and Mia Altieri (Book Review #1198) ”