Category: Thriller Action-Adventure

Chatroom with a View by Glenn Maynard (Book review #948)

Chatroom with a view is a psychological suspense thriller. It begins with Troy and how much of a dysfunctional home he is from. He endures constant abuse, and as much as his father physically mistreats his mother, she does not leave either. Her understanding… Continue Reading “Chatroom with a View by Glenn Maynard (Book review #948)”

Fall of the Green Land by J. G. Follansbee (Book Review #929)

Fall of the green land is an action-adventure fantasy story set thousand years in the future. It begins with Dame Lancelot du-Lac a knight on a quest to capture a rare and dangerous questing beast, and Sir Percival Rathkeale, a knight of the Viridian… Continue Reading “Fall of the Green Land by J. G. Follansbee (Book Review #929)”

The Gathering of Shadows by Mark N Drake (Book Review #928)

The gathering of shadows is an occult horror fiction story set in the 1920s. It is descriptive and well written. Jack Glennison is a private detective hired by a young woman to find her husband.

Strange Karma by Willow Healy (Book Review #926)

Strange Karma is a mystery thriller written about Cynthia Graham, a mountain climber who inherits a red diamond and several letters from her grandmother. The diamond is a scarce gem, and the letters reveal secrets that represent the thrill and mystery of the novel.… Continue Reading “Strange Karma by Willow Healy (Book Review #926)”

Cover your tracks by Daco S. Auffenorde (Book review #904)

Cover your tracks is a Psychological thriller about Margo Fletcher. She is eight months pregnant and traveling from Chicago to Spokane by train. The train brakes, and a massive avalanche plummets down the mountain. Margo listens to a former Army Ranger named Nick and… Continue Reading “Cover your tracks by Daco S. Auffenorde (Book review #904)”

The Wraith’s Memory – Between Gods and Mortals Book II by Whitney Rines (Book REVIEW #920)

The wraith’s memory is the second book in its series. It is a dark fantasy story written about a village boy, Chiron, working away trying to make a better life for his family. He leaves for school, and after his return, he encounters unpleasant… Continue Reading “The Wraith’s Memory – Between Gods and Mortals Book II by Whitney Rines (Book REVIEW #920)”

The Blackbird’s Song by Katie Marshall (Book Review #898)

The blackbird’s song is a sad story about Brian, who turns into a destructive person and a murderer due to his abusive trauma experience after his mother’s death. His father, the abuser, affects this boy in such a way that he grows to have… Continue Reading “The Blackbird’s Song by Katie Marshall (Book Review #898)”

The Contest by Nora Katzir (Book Review #880)

The contest is a murder thriller story. Amy, Rachel, Jessica, and Lauri are four good friends. Each have good jobs, and their friendship is close. As dynamic as their personalities and characters are, Rachel seems to be one standing out. Her husband, John, is… Continue Reading “The Contest by Nora Katzir (Book Review #880)”

Bad Luck Zach by Clifton Kenny (Book Review #870)

Bad luck Zach is an action-adventure about a young boy who finds himself not belonging to his environment. He is just too different