Category: Thriller Action-Adventure

Mother of Valor by Gary Corbin (Book Review #1416)

‘Mother of Valor’ is a crime thriller filled with much action and adventure. The story mostly revolves around Valorie Dawes, a policewoman, her family, her lover, Gil, and everything that has happened before in her life, shaping who she is now.

The Captivating Flames of Madness by Jeff Parsons (Book Review #1405)

‘The captivating flames of madness’ is a collection of horror, sci-fi stories that discuss drug addiction, pirates sail, pilots, hackers, and all sorts of the intriguing mind-boggling concept of storylines.

Scavenger Hunt by Chad Boudreaux (Book Review #1402)

‘Scavenger Hunt’ is a spy thriller. It begins with Blake Hudson serving as a lawyer for the US justice system. However, as his research begins, his life also becomes in danger. You see a fast-paced political battle filled with humor and addresses underlying issues… Continue Reading “Scavenger Hunt by Chad Boudreaux (Book Review #1402)”

Neighborhood Watch by Kevin Patrick Kenealy (Book Review #1398)

Neighborhood Watch’ is a thriller fiction and begins in Ridgeport, Illinois, where Scott Casey has been living in a utopia that is run by specific rules that must be obeyed. Failure to do so would accumulate fines, and the people living there will lose… Continue Reading “Neighborhood Watch by Kevin Patrick Kenealy (Book Review #1398)”

Death is a Many-Splendored Thing by David Neilsen (Book Review #1392)

‘Death is a Many-Splendored’ is book one of the ‘Chronicles of the Deadly Dead.’ It is a children’s humorous action and adventure story filled with intrigue and scene-after-scene enchantment. The trilogy is perfect for the young reader, and Zach, the main character, truly engages… Continue Reading “Death is a Many-Splendored Thing by David Neilsen (Book Review #1392)”

Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess by Dan E. Hendrickson (Book Review #1378)

Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess by Dan E. Hendrickson ‘Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess,’ is a historical fiction about Brandy, raised by pirates. When Dom Lomoche kills Brady’s father and her mother’s secret is revealed, Brady has to lift the curse from the… Continue Reading “Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess by Dan E. Hendrickson (Book Review #1378)”

The Writer’s Story by J Schulman, Cory (Book Review #1377)

‘The writer’s story’ is a fiction thriller about a writer named Barry Penman, and his reality is written through fiction so that he can understand the depths of human experiences.

Killing the Butterfly by Dale Ward (Book Review #1369)

‘Killing the Butterfly’ is a fiction thriller, and you follow Patty, a 19-year-old girl who dreams of travelling the world writing. Her dreams don’t really go as planned. Travelling, she does but with her violent boyfriend, Roy, who gets her involved in violent crimes.

Whispers of Innocence by Natasha Simmons (Book Review#1345)

‘Whispers of Innocence’ is a thriller story about Madeline and how her seven-month-old baby dies in the middle of the night. Abigail dies, and Madeline and her husband, Brian, discover bruises on her neck, making sure that it is not an accident.