Category: Romance

Forbidden Love by Dee Rose (Book Review #1373)

‘Forbidden Love’ is a fiction romance about Mark and Jess and how they overcome obstacles both individually and together as friends and possibly more. The closeness and relationship between them are undeniable. Mark has strong sexual feelings for Jessie, and although Jesse marries his… Continue Reading “Forbidden Love by Dee Rose (Book Review #1373)”

Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)

‘Ask Not’ is a fantasy romance about Katie Casey and her obsession with the Kennedys. Her life isn’t much at all. Her daughter is a teen suicide, and her son has no ambition or goals, but the focus is mostly on her keen eagerness… Continue Reading “Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)”

Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland (Book Review #1328)

Dark obsessions is a paranormal romance novel. Skyler is a Montgomery, and with that name, she has the life everyone seeks. Wealth, prestige, and power. As an accomplished woman, she has an obsession with vampire life. Skyler is young and works as a Medical… Continue Reading “Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland (Book Review #1328)”

Stolen Moments of Joy by Hamour Baika (Book Review #1320)

Stolen Moments of Joy is a contemporary LGBT story for an adult audience. The story begins with Abdul and his destructive relationship with Cliff. Abdul is a gay Afghan, and at the young age of only 24, he doesn’t really know what to do.

The Secret Resort of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver (Book Review #1278)

The secret resort of Nostalgia is a mystery romance and begins with Mike Denning accepting the perfect job. He is in charge of documenting details on an island resort in Nostalgia.

Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)

Fate’s final destiny is a military romance story. The story begins on a Pacific battlefield in 1944 during World War II but really goes back to 1930 when Cindy and Michael meet. Michael Johnson reminisces his time growing up in Oklahoma Panhandle and everything… Continue Reading “Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)”

Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)

Self Studies is book one of the ‘Thorns of Charbon Institute” series. The story begins with Aphrodite, an 18-year-old girl who possesses magical power inside her. She is dominated by her master, who also appears to be after his own agenda, but when he… Continue Reading “Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)”

The wanting by Christina Strigas (Book Review #1220)

Do soulmates exist? is a fiction romance story that is unconventional and teaches of the kind of love that you not only desire but wish for it to embody a soul as well.

The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1171)

The trouble with belonging is a coming of age romance fiction story about Chen Kehuan, a Taiwanese boy who has lost his mother to cancer and lives with his diplomat father, Chen Liang. He struggles to live in Berlin, and just when he tries… Continue Reading “The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1171)”