Category: Romance

Wintersfall by Sarah Westill (Book Review #1073)

Wintersfall is a paranormal romance and is the first book in ‘The Guardians of Sziveria series’. It begins with Katrina Nachemir and her personal endeavour to pursue her mother and sister’s killer. She starts working with the Sziverian government and deals with them, including… Continue Reading “Wintersfall by Sarah Westill (Book Review #1073)”

Paladin’s Honor by A. Carina spears (Book Review #1074)

Paladin’s honour is a fantasy romance story and begins with Devon, a paladin from the Order of Rhys. The knights fight against the undead and keep everyone safe. When Devon meets Mirabelle, things change. Mirabelle has been through a lot, and the dynamic of… Continue Reading “Paladin’s Honor by A. Carina spears (Book Review #1074)”

Forever by J.B. Roux (Book Review #1068)

Forever is a contemporary romance novel about Jenny wanting a child so bad that it almost becomes an obsession. She does not care about getting married or having a relationship. When she meets David, all is good; however, he also comes with a background… Continue Reading “Forever by J.B. Roux (Book Review #1068)”

Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)

Searching for Sarah is a mystery romance novel about Tom Ruiz’s emotional journey dealing with the grief of losing his sister, Nina. Tom aims to fulfill her dying wish by locating Nina’s love, a woman named Sarah. Nina’s diary is his only source of… Continue Reading “Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)”

Transmission by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1006)

Transmissions is a love story about Amelie and Benjamin and how their memories of a lifetime together shape the story at hand. Love is a strong notion, and in this novel, we read how two people can be in love, fall apart and live… Continue Reading “Transmission by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1006)”

What Frees the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #998)

What frees the heart is a romantic fiction novel. It is the second book in the ‘Cownbird Creek’ series. Set in 1876, Tom, a farmer’s boy who has lost his leg, feels as if he has lost his manhood and value. On the other… Continue Reading “What Frees the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #998)”

Stronger Together by Andrea Green (Book Review #997)

Stronger together is a contemporary romance. It all begins with Susie Quinn and her marriage to Matt, the controlling, abusive type, introducing a whole new drama to the story. Fortunately, Susie is not one to take it any longer, and her attempt to run… Continue Reading “Stronger Together by Andrea Green (Book Review #997)”

Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)

Maggie finds her muse is a contemporary romance story. It begins with Maggie Bliss, a 48-year-old writer who hasn’t had much luck in relationships and struggles to finish her third novel. Following a suggestion made to her, she travels to Paris, lives in a… Continue Reading “Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)”

 Love and Daisies by Jennifer L. Rowlands (Book Review #938)

Love and Daisies is a fictional story about a girl called Ella. She lives in a small town and lives a decent everyday life. As everything is running smoothly suddenly, the arrival of someone new brings in a tide of events that she did… Continue Reading ” Love and Daisies by Jennifer L. Rowlands (Book Review #938)”