Category: Romance

The Artisan Heart by Dean Mayes (Book Review #475)

  The Artisan Heart is a fictional story about Hayden Luschcombe. He is a married doctor who is not as happy as he should be. His wife, Adelaide is a party planner, and they both struggle to really connect just making it by. An… Continue Reading “The Artisan Heart by Dean Mayes (Book Review #475)”

Flyor Y Fuego by Bibiana Krall (Book Review #59)

  The complexity of emotions that arise from being a woman can only be truly understood by another woman. Broken is the word you look for when someone you love tears your heart.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (Book Review #22)

A 19th century period book written by Louisa May Alcott is a fascinating story about the March’s family. Four sisters bonded by love go through war, separation, loss, and poverty, yet manage to create many happy memories as they grow and join womanhood. Jo,… Continue Reading “Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (Book Review #22)”

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn (Book Review #289)

The Arrangement is a contemporary fictional story about Lucy and Owen. A dinner invitation to a friend’s house, who happens to have an open marriage, instigates a thought in the couple’s mind. What if they too relinquish all commitments to each other and trial… Continue Reading “The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn (Book Review #289)”

Love in Between by Mercy Jane Porquez Balles (Book Review #441)

Love in Between is a book filled with poems and short stories. The collection is about love and living. The work is delicately separated from each other and focuses on subjects like promises made between two lovers and being in love. I found the… Continue Reading “Love in Between by Mercy Jane Porquez Balles (Book Review #441)”

The Souls Expression by Amy Alston (Book Review #436)

The Souls Expression is a Victorian Romance novel written about Katherine. She is a married woman who fears being stigmatized with hysteria by her doctor because she is not able to bed her husband after eight months. This is at a time when her… Continue Reading “The Souls Expression by Amy Alston (Book Review #436)”

Dog Training the American Male by Steve Alten (Book Review #435)

Dog Training the American Male is a humorous fictional tale about a Doctor. Her profession as a counselor is going well but, her own personal life is not. Once Jacob Cope, another dashing character comes into play, things change. The two have to blend… Continue Reading “Dog Training the American Male by Steve Alten (Book Review #435)”

Ashes of Glass by Emma Hill (Book Review #430)

Ashes of Glass is a young adult novel that is romantically inclined. The focuses on Arella Marceau. She is the daughter of a wealthy merchant but situation changes and she finds herself working as a maid at a palace. The prince is charming and… Continue Reading “Ashes of Glass by Emma Hill (Book Review #430)”

Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)

Gables Court is about Samuel Baas who is a hopeless romantic. He wants to remain a virgin until he falls in love and marries his soulmate. The story takes on 10 years of his life describing his journey towards intimacy. It is only when… Continue Reading “Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)”