Tag: Fantasy

Eventually They All Fall by Jenna Marcus (Book Review #1450)

‘Eventually They All Fall’ is a young adult fantasy. It is filled with urban fantasy and created for the young mind. The story revolves around a boy called Domino and his power being able to view other people’s desires.

The Young by Nicholas John Powter (Book Review #1438)

‘The Young’ is a classic-style fantasy about a father and son attempting to stop an omen from taking the power of the moon gods and simultaneously destroying the sun gods.

The Shadow Hour by Anya Costello (Book Review #1431)

‘The Shadow Hour’ is a young adult action and adventure story. Amber, a 13-year-old teen, transports to a not-so-friendly realm and survives all her ordeals. The Shadow Hour has taken over the world, and Amber slowly finds herself and who she can be.

THE FOUR LIVES OF ROBINSON APPLESON By Véronique Iswery Pasquet (Book Review #1426)

‘The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson’ is a fantasy story with a complex storyline and a very intriguing novel approach to the protagonist having four lifetimes, and he manages them navigating life.

Beginning of Arrogance by Bryan Cole (Book Review #1413)

Beginning of Arrogance is a fantasy story and book one of a Paladin’s journey. Paladins are heroes who protect people from enemies. For this reason, they aren’t very much liked by those in power.

The Invisible Circus by Lindsey Bakken (Book Review #1381)

‘The Invisible Circus’ is a young adult fantasy story consisting of a complex storyline, descriptive writing, and intense scenes suitable for the young reader.

Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)

‘Ask Not’ is a fantasy romance about Katie Casey and her obsession with the Kennedys. Her life isn’t much at all. Her daughter is a teen suicide, and her son has no ambition or goals, but the focus is mostly on her keen eagerness… Continue Reading “Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)”

There’s No Such Thing As Never In Forever by Kenneth Nichols Fecteau and Judy Nichols Feateau (Book Review#1348)

‘There’s No Such Thing As Never In Forever’ is a paranormal urban fantasy story filled with action and adventure. Mandy, Lizzy, Hugo, and Terma decide on having the perfect Thanksgiving. However, everything falls apart when they all get abducted. Mandy and Lizzy find themselves… Continue Reading “There’s No Such Thing As Never In Forever by Kenneth Nichols Fecteau and Judy Nichols Feateau (Book Review#1348)”

Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy by T.R. Tells (Book Review #1341)

‘Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy’ is a fantasy story about Keisha Alighieri, a 14-year-old who travels to the Inferno world in an attempt to save her kidnapped mother, only to realize that her father, Dante and his bloodline are all hunters and… Continue Reading “Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy by T.R. Tells (Book Review #1341)”