Tag: Fantasy

Stormcaller by Christine King (Book Review #1109)

Stormcaller is book one of ‘The Murmuration’ series. The story is about Seren, who has spent her life protecting her people and simply living up to her people’s legends. When things change for her, and the responsibility is taken from her, Seren and her… Continue Reading “Stormcaller by Christine King (Book Review #1109)”

The Scars of Gaia by R. P. Lauer (Book Review #1108)

The scars of Gaia is a science fiction story about swords and sorcery. It begins with James struggling to provide for himself and his mother. He meets Claire, a scientist, and both take a journey of self-discovery and so much more.

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)

Dragons in the clouds is a fantasy fiction story and begins with the tales of dragons and their connection with lightning and thunder. The book is geared towards the younger generation and is filled with action and adventure. There is a mystery, magic and… Continue Reading “Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)”

The Search for Synergy by Brett Salter (Book Review #1098)

The search for Synergy is a magical fantasy story about a Knight and a dragon fulfilling a primordial destiny. Rome and Julian are two men who wish to save the world from the evil surrounding and befriend each other when Rome accidentally sets fire… Continue Reading “The Search for Synergy by Brett Salter (Book Review #1098)”

Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)

Prince Ewald the brave is an epic fantasy story. It is the first book in the Gift-Knight trilogy and begins with the royal family Prince Bonifaz, Princess Isabel, King Jonnecht and Queen Dulcibella. Last but not least, the story emphasizes mainly Prince Ewald, the… Continue Reading “Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)”

Paladin’s Honor by A. Carina spears (Book Review #1074)

Paladin’s honour is a fantasy romance story and begins with Devon, a paladin from the Order of Rhys. The knights fight against the undead and keep everyone safe. When Devon meets Mirabelle, things change. Mirabelle has been through a lot, and the dynamic of… Continue Reading “Paladin’s Honor by A. Carina spears (Book Review #1074)”

The Hangman by Dee Rose (Book Review #1071)

The Hangman is a paranormal urban fantasy story. This is book one of ‘The Hangman Universe’ series. The story begins with Kente Cromwell being murdered by his neighbours. He strikes a deal with Leechdon, the Soul Eater, a powerful demon and the new leader… Continue Reading “The Hangman by Dee Rose (Book Review #1071)”

Flicker of the Flame by Evelyn Puerto (Book Review #1067)

Flicker of the flame is the second book in the Outlawed Myth Series. It is a young adult fantasy story about Tereka Sabidur’s and how her life changes after her mother kicks her out. Tereka seeks the truth about herself and her family. The… Continue Reading “Flicker of the Flame by Evelyn Puerto (Book Review #1067)”

God of Sound by Q M Schaffer (Book Review #1063)

God of sound is a paranormal urban fantasy written about Cameron Foster, a bullied school kid who has a few friends. His love for music runs through his blood, and he confides in his guitar. He plays well, and once a confident woman comes… Continue Reading “God of Sound by Q M Schaffer (Book Review #1063)”