Category: Mystery & Crime

The Bank Street Peeper by Erna Odrach (Book Review #1241)

The bank street is a fictional story about Reginald Rutley, who is a social outcast peeping through people’s windows only to follow up on their stories and know their different scenarios. As weird as what he does sounds like, the story notions the perspective… Continue Reading “The Bank Street Peeper by Erna Odrach (Book Review #1241)”

Escaping Pretense by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #1239)

Escaping Pretense is a fictional story about Pretense Abdicator, who decides to make a plan to steal from her well-endowed financial clients and make a run for it. She works for a prestigious financial firm and works with the wealthiest clients who can make… Continue Reading “Escaping Pretense by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #1239)”

Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)

Songbird is a historical mystery and is book one of the Jax Diamond Mystery series. Jax Diamon Is a private detected and is investigating a playwright’s death. When Laura Graystone, a Broadway star, gets involved in the investigation, things take a turn for both… Continue Reading “Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)”

The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)

The fire starters is a spy history crime story about Nicholas Foxe, who has to uncover the reasons behind the fire starters at Notre Dame and possibly The London Eye. Nick isn’t alone, and with his ready assembled team, he has to stop them… Continue Reading “The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)”

The Machine Murders: Island Buoys by CJ Abazis (Book Review #1203)

Island Buoys is a technothriller crime story. The tale begins with a series of murders taking place on the island of Mykonos. Mano Manu is there for a wedding but then gets involved in figuring out who the killer is as the murderer abducts… Continue Reading “The Machine Murders: Island Buoys by CJ Abazis (Book Review #1203)”

A Kind of Hush by JoDee Neathery (Book Review #1213)

A kind of hush is a mystery thriller and suspense story. It is set in Buffalo, New York, and is about Matt and Summer with their children enjoying an outing when something horrible happens to create an epic survival story.

Dare the Dark by Bruce Mitchell (Book Review #1135)

Dare the dark is a murder mystery set in the 1870s. The story is about two detectives trying to find a crazed killer while they are entangled in a web of Asian thugs and terrorists.

Unfurling by Tia Ray Dhar (Book Review #1127)

Unfurling is a mystery romance and begins with Mandira Sharma, a recent medical graduate who isn’t very much happy about her job and has no sense of purpose. As things progress in the story, Mandy meets Latika, and a beautiful friendship is shaped between… Continue Reading “Unfurling by Tia Ray Dhar (Book Review #1127)”

Emily’s Lair by Cary Grossman (Book Review #1122)

Emily’s Lair is a murder mystery, and the story begins with detective Will Heller entering a book shop to interview Emily Kostova. He notices many 17th centuries with hunts books in the book shop and learns so much from Emily.