Category: historical fiction

Give Me Shelter by David B. Seaburn (Book Review #1455)

‘Give Me Shelter’ is a historical thriller set in 1962 when the Cuban missile crisis threatened the world. The story revolves around Willie, Denny and their grandfather. He takes care of the children after their parents die in an accident.

The Middle Between Us by Itamar S.N. (Book Review #1433)

‘The Middle Between Us’ is a historical fiction that is a love story about two couples set in very different conditions. The gay romance, in particular, is interesting since it is set in the unknown and searches for sexual identity.

War Angel: Korea, 1950 by Mike Weedall (Book Review #1406)

‘War Angel’ is a historical novel dedicated to the nurses of the US armed forces who served in the Korean War, demonstrating bravery and strength. The book tells the story of these courageous women and their hardships. It also discusses how the Army would not… Continue Reading “War Angel: Korea, 1950 by Mike Weedall (Book Review #1406)”

The Lone Leopard by Sharifullah Dorani (Book Review #1404)

‘The Lone Leopard’ is a historical fiction set in 1992, beginning with Ahmad, a 15-year-old traditional Pashtun, and Frishta, a 16-year-old women’s rights activist who is well outspoken.

Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)

Empire Resurgent is a historical fiction set in 530 A.D. Emperor Justinian is the emperor of Rome. Still, General Belisarius wants to change a few things and how things are run. As he manoeuvres ways to achieve this goal, he finally finds a way… Continue Reading “Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)”

Close Your Eyes: A Fairy Tale by Chris Tomasini (Book Review #1354)

‘Close your eyes’ is a historical fiction set in the 1400s, and it’s about the King of Gora hiring a cast of helpers to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and entertainment of his two children.

Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)

Winter Pale is a historical romance filled with plenty of drama, love, and above all, important decisions that impact Winter’s life. At the age of 20, from an outside perspective, you feel that she has it all. Living in Paris and being happy. However,… Continue Reading “Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)”

The Midwife’s Touch by Sue Harrison (Book Review #1323)

The midwife’s touch is a historical fiction set in the Missouri Ozark Mountains, 1852-1873. It all begins with China Creed, a girl with the ability to grant wishes. Her gift needs to be kept a secret, but life is unpredictable, and the curse cannot… Continue Reading “The Midwife’s Touch by Sue Harrison (Book Review #1323)”

Wild World by Peter S. Rush Wild World (Book Review #1321)

Wild World by Peter S. Rush is a historical fiction set in the 1970s and is about Steve Logan, a college student, protesting the authority and the Vietnam war. His intentions are pure, and wanting peace is no crime, but when four students at Kent… Continue Reading “Wild World by Peter S. Rush Wild World (Book Review #1321)”