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Alice in Wonderland

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The Playful Mind by Paul Daniel (Book Review #1394)

‘The playful mind’ is a non-fiction self-help book about overcoming those blockages and frameworks we have adopted as we grew up. These prevent us from engaging with what is happening in front of us and preoccupy our thoughts.

#RippedAt50 by Troy Casey (Book Review #1332)

‘#RippedAt50’ is a nonfiction book about health, fitness, and holistic medicine. The intentions of this book are clear. It is to educate us about the human body and its connection to the earth. It teaches you how to live life to the fullness and… Continue Reading “#RippedAt50 by Troy Casey (Book Review #1332)”

Tudo by Nigel Joslin (Book Review #1255) 

Tudo is an action thriller story set in the year 2052. Humans have colonized Mars. Sarah and Owen, two scientists, arrive on a spacecraft while back on earth; Dexter and Otto plan to put an end to the Mars project. However, Cecily, an MI6… Continue Reading “Tudo by Nigel Joslin (Book Review #1255) ”

The Youngest Doughboy by Steve Sterling (Book Review #1143)

The youngest doughboy is a war fiction story about Ernest Wrentmore, who goes to Europe and fights in WW1 at the age of 13. The literature is a screenplay filled with the reality of war, death, and killing.

Desiree – The Music of My Soul by Peggy Race (Book Review #1138)

Desiree is a memoir written about how Peggy deals with losing her husband and survives without him. Her troubles are not only emotional, but her furry friends need her full attention as well. Her insecurities, self-doubt, and low self-esteem is a reflection of all… Continue Reading “Desiree – The Music of My Soul by Peggy Race (Book Review #1138)”

Grooty Fledermaus Finds a Friend by D. L. Kruse (Book Review #1008)

Grooty Fledermaus is the first book of seven in its series, and it is a children’s book. The story begins with Katie sitting alone, looking outside the window. She uses a wheelchair, and her mother thinks a trip to Grandma’s house may change things… Continue Reading “Grooty Fledermaus Finds a Friend by D. L. Kruse (Book Review #1008)”

Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr by Mari Mancusi (Book Review #872)

How can love conquer all? How can we rely on this emotion to get through anything that we face in life? Dangerous secrets is a fantasy story about Iduna and Agnarr’s journey, meeting each other, and facing all the troubles that eventually place them… Continue Reading “Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr by Mari Mancusi (Book Review #872)”


We have reached 1 MILLION VIEWS! We have reached a milestone on my website: 1 million total views. Thank you to everyone who is reading this, from the long term readers who have been there since the beginning to the ones who just found… Continue Reading “1 MILLION VIEWS”