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Coronavirus Haiku: Poetry to Help Lighten Your Pandemic Days by James Weir (Book Review #800)

Coronavirus Haiku is a poetry book filled with poems about what the world is currently going through with this virus. It touches subjects like social distancing, the isolation, protests, and everything that revolves around the uncertainty this global virus has induced.

SAY SOMETHING by Jeremy Clarke (Book Review #784)

Say something is a short book of poetry providing a biographical window into the author’s life. Jeremy Clarke believes that every person’s journey in life should be heard and told. The inspiration comes from within his soul as does the desire to encourage others… Continue Reading “SAY SOMETHING by Jeremy Clarke (Book Review #784)”

The Evolution of your Stories by Dennis Scheel

The Evolution of your Stories by Dennis Scheel               Many who wants to write, have many stories within their heads, always running at a nonstop loop, yet they’re not able to get them down on paper. Some can do that, while others first… Continue Reading “The Evolution of your Stories by Dennis Scheel”

The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova (Book Review #580)

The day my kisses tasted like disorder is a collection of poetry written by Emmanuella Hristova. Each poem tells a story like a memoir. It reflects the ups and downs the author has gone through. The death of her sister, relationships, the good, the… Continue Reading “The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder by Emmanuella Hristova (Book Review #580)”

Love, War, Glory by Denis Akinmolasire (Book Review #577)

Love war glory is a poetry, short essay book written with care and divided into four sections, love, war, glory, and life stories. Each chapter contained a combination of poems and short essay writings regarding the title. The literature was lyrical and had a… Continue Reading “Love, War, Glory by Denis Akinmolasire (Book Review #577)”

Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal by Diana Raab (Book Review #529)

Writing for bliss is a self-help book geared toward people who have an interest in planning and writing. The book is used as a form of meditation for people who aspire becoming writers or have fear in doing so, however, have never found the… Continue Reading “Writing for Bliss: A Companion Journal by Diana Raab (Book Review #529)”

The Art Collector of Le Marais By Ahmad Ardalan (Book Review #534)

The art collector of Le Marais is a fictional drama set in Paris where artists and paintings are inspired, romance is in the air and the city never sleeps. The story begins with Sebastian and his passion for paintings, poetry, and Paris. He opens… Continue Reading “The Art Collector of Le Marais By Ahmad Ardalan (Book Review #534)”

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel             Being Politically Correct started in America when it came to the racial question, but after the changes in the last two decades, all of the world, especially in Europe followed suit, insisted on being politically correct, no longer… Continue Reading “Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel”

Winter Song (Day in a Life of a Kid) by Anetta Kotowicz (Book Review #519)

Winter Song is a long picture children’s book created in the interdisciplinary and nature-oriented Arts Kindred book series.