Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) by  Larry Berger (Book Review #1214)


Instant poetry is a short book including a collection of 48 poems. Of course, the inspiration behind creating this book was when Larry was influenced by the words his fellow writers called out as he would sit with them at their interactive poetry readings. The book is not long, but you cannot help to sense a particular purpose within the pages filled with humor and added elements of poetry.

I enjoyed reading this book and wanted more when I was done. Some of the poems cheer you up, so if you have a bad day, you can always read them over and smile.

I had not really mastered instant poetry, so it was a first for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised and appreciated how the author had used his experience in writing this book.

I recommend instant poetry to those who wish to have an excellent relaxing read and enjoy poetry.

Written by Jeyran Main

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