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The Whistleblower’s Tune by Hugh Giblin (Book Review #934)

The whistleblower’s tune is a memoir written about Hugh’s life, presenting honest and self-reflecting spam of his experience. Although I already felt that I knew enough about his journey after reading the book’s description, I still ended up reading the entire book and noticed… Continue Reading “The Whistleblower’s Tune by Hugh Giblin (Book Review #934)”

Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)

Quantum Cannibals is a dystopian, time travel, science fiction story set from the Bronze age Mesopotamia to the post-Modern city-state. The content’s premise is about the protagonist being born repeatedly during different periods only to watch her return to the home she was once… Continue Reading “Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)”

Across the Bridge – A Rikers Island Story by Steven Dominguez (Book Review #932)

Across the bridge is a crime fiction novel written about events depicted as a personal journey for the author when working as the NYC correction officer. Although names and places have been changed since they originated from an objective perspective, the story takes you… Continue Reading “Across the Bridge – A Rikers Island Story by Steven Dominguez (Book Review #932)”

They’re closing the lamb and musket by Richard Cunliffe (Book Review #931)

They’re closing the lamb and musket is a fictional tale. It is the third book by the author. The timing of the story is spread from June to September. A suburban pub is scheduled to be closed and replaced with a supermarket. The loss… Continue Reading “They’re closing the lamb and musket by Richard Cunliffe (Book Review #931)”

Captain Arnold and Other Tales of the Abnormal by Arthur M. Doweyko (Book Review #930)

Captain Arnold is a collection of stories that embodies elements of paranormal, urban fantasy, and science fiction. The book is geared towards the younger adult group and begins with Captain Arnold.

Mom Jokes: Chic Comebacks, Polished Puns, & Sophisticated Silliness (Book Review #947)

Mom Jokes is a humoros book filled with jokes and riddles. The book represents the view of a mother paying tribute to all things motherly. It is cleverly illustrated and keeps you intrigued till the end.

Fall of the Green Land by J. G. Follansbee (Book Review #929)

Fall of the green land is an action-adventure fantasy story set thousand years in the future. It begins with Dame Lancelot du-Lac a knight on a quest to capture a rare and dangerous questing beast, and Sir Percival Rathkeale, a knight of the Viridian… Continue Reading “Fall of the Green Land by J. G. Follansbee (Book Review #929)”

The Gathering of Shadows by Mark N Drake (Book Review #928)

The gathering of shadows is an occult horror fiction story set in the 1920s. It is descriptive and well written. Jack Glennison is a private detective hired by a young woman to find her husband.

House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #927)

House of Rougeaux is a historical fiction focusing on black African and American community. It is intergenerational and filled with decades of troubles and triumphs. The description writing moves you and has your bond with the characters. The story is educational and a representation… Continue Reading “House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #927)”