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Search for the golden serpent by Luciana Cavallaro (Book Review #868)

Search for the Golden Serpent is a historical fiction fantasy about Evan. He is an architect who is having strange dreams encountering the mysterious Zeus who is attempting to prevent the birth of Christianity. Even not only has to fight for his life, but… Continue Reading “Search for the golden serpent by Luciana Cavallaro (Book Review #868)”

The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)

The Trapper is a thriller written about Blake, and Kitty left for dead by their father fighting for their lives and survival. Left in the forest, there are traps, hunters, dangerous and cruel conditions where the kids have to gain courage and rely on… Continue Reading “The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)”

The Zaragoza Chronicles by A. J. Ayeni (Book Review #908)

The Zaragoza Chronicles is book 1 of the TZC series. The supernatural, paranormal story begins with MC Femi discovering that he has been accepted to the world’s most prestigious and generous scholarship, the Zaragoza New Beginnings Scholarship.

Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein

No one likes staring at a blank page. Fortunately, many writers cultivate all sorts of prompts and tools to conquer that authorial vacuum as much as possible – whether it be leaving the previous day’s writing off on a cliffhanger – or maintaining an… Continue Reading “Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein”

The Promise by Connie Rife (Book Review #866)

The promise is a beautiful memoir written about a young girl named Connie. The memoir is set in the late 1960s, Pennsylvania. Connie is raised in a children’s home as her mother is mentally unstable to care for her. As she runs away from… Continue Reading “The Promise by Connie Rife (Book Review #866)”

Soaring Through Silent Skies by Brian Ehlers (Book Review #865)

Soaring through silent skies is a biography. It tells the story of a trailblazer who succeeds in becoming a successful athlete and coach in a world where against the odds, Brian is deaf.

The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett (Book REVIEW #821)

The good witch of the South is a young adult fantasy story. The tale takes you on a journey to the Ozarian adventure in the land of Oz. A sixteen-year-old girl named Samantha Goodwitch, who is the daughter of Glinda, the good witch of… Continue Reading “The Good Witch of the South by T. C. Bartlett (Book REVIEW #821)”

Salt, Sand, and Blood by Marquese Liddle (Book review #859)

Salt, sand, and blood is a dark fantasy fiction about a prophet named Kashim. His prophecies are the stories of Adam and Adnihilo.

Omeron by Alexander Davis (Book Review #858)

Omeron is a beautiful story about Jaron and Ren. Their bond and friendship are solid. Jaron owes his life to Ren because he saves him from slavery. Ren’s ambition is to join the hero of legend. They both follow a half-human half-monster called Zeron… Continue Reading “Omeron by Alexander Davis (Book Review #858)”