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The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram (Book Review #1094)

The greatest game is a philosophical work of fiction, and it’s about human life and finding meaning within that existence. The author believes that we have paid the price for the intelligence we gained and become ignorant towards what is right and wrong.

We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel

During our writing escapades, we often encounter criticism from friends, and even worse, from reviewers. That criticism can encapsulate everything from a scene to characters to our writing style itself. You may encounter some bitter individuals who just want to attack your work for… Continue Reading “We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel”

The Unknown Man by Natalie Hanson (Book Review #1093)

The unknown man is book one of the ‘A Zalla Bennbett Mystery’ series. It is a crime horror story, and the story begins with Zalla Bennbett. She can sense who is lying and is an asset for the FBI and their investigations. Her power… Continue Reading “The Unknown Man by Natalie Hanson (Book Review #1093)”

When God Called a Boy Home by Paul Hamilton Magid (Book Review #1092)

When God called a boy home is an adventure story. It is set in 1958 and begins with Joseph Conell, a high school athlete from Montana who competes in martial arts. He becomes the reigning champion and has been since such a young age.… Continue Reading “When God Called a Boy Home by Paul Hamilton Magid (Book Review #1092)”

Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)

Prince Ewald the brave is an epic fantasy story. It is the first book in the Gift-Knight trilogy and begins with the royal family Prince Bonifaz, Princess Isabel, King Jonnecht and Queen Dulcibella. Last but not least, the story emphasizes mainly Prince Ewald, the… Continue Reading “Prince Ewald the Brave by Dylan Madeley (Book Review #1091)”

Lost on the Edge of Eternity by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #1090)

Lost on the edge of eternity is a paranormal thriller for the young adult generation. The story begins when Brownville high counselor, Bill Fellars, meets Randy Galphin, a dead former student. Randy mentions that he and his friends are stuck between the two worlds… Continue Reading “Lost on the Edge of Eternity by Jonathan Floyd (Book Review #1090)”

Enjoy in Joy by Geeco (Book Review #1089)

Enjoy in joy is a self-help book geared towards those who wish to get more out of their life and increase their peace of mind towards being happier. Making a change is hard, but this book challenges you to change the way you think.

Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)

Reinvented is an autobiography about Jason Calabrese. His life is very hard, mostly with debt, low self-esteem, broken teeth, and a spirit he sees as almost destroyed. Feeling beaten down, he faces unemployment and isolation with COVID-19, but the stillness makes him think and… Continue Reading “Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)”

Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)

Shaping your new normal is a self-help book aimed to normalize your intake on life after Covid-19. There is no doubt that things have changed, and everyone has had to find a new normal. The book is like a personal coach giving you guidance… Continue Reading “Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)”