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SAS: Babcock’s Revenge (An SAS SOE Special Forces Series Book 1) by Whiskey-Jack Peters (Book Review #1288)

SAS: Babcock’s Revenge is an action and adventure story filled with thrill and military fiction. It is set in 1942 and begins with Corporal Carl Babcock escaping from imprisonment. He is alone and has to survive all that he faces avoiding being recaptured by… Continue Reading “SAS: Babcock’s Revenge (An SAS SOE Special Forces Series Book 1) by Whiskey-Jack Peters (Book Review #1288)”

Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)

Death at Dusbar College is a fantasy magical story about Cristiano and how he has to solve the Grand Magician’s riddle at the magical Dusbar College. The story is filled with mystery, and the world-building is described well. The characters and their personalities mesh… Continue Reading “Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)”

The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)

The Rescue is book one of the Timestream Travelers Chronicles. The story is set in West Seattle, Aeneas Entwistle and begins with Aeneas, a 14-year-old boy who discovers that he has the ability to time travel. It is the year 2015, and Aeneas gets… Continue Reading “The Rescue by Sher J. Stultz (Book Review #1284)”

And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)

And time stopped is a young adult story filled with many swords, sorcery, and fantasy material. This is a book in a series, and I would recommend you start reading the series from the beginning. Even though the prologue covers pretty much what you… Continue Reading “And Time Stopped by Kristen L Jackson (Book Review #1283)”

Reach by Nate Thurgood (Book Review #1282)

Reach is a non-fiction book helping the reader in finding their core and attainment their potential. With a framework at hand, the author introduces a strategic way to aspire and harmonise the growth within you.

Howl of the Ice by Christian Raymond (Book Review #1281)

Howl of the ice is a teen and young adult fantasy story. The story begins by letting you know how Falc dislikes frozen lakes and ice but is willing to go with Grandpa to a seasonal ice fishing shanty town atop Lake Blackbird.

The Order by John-Patrick Bayle (Book Review #1280)

The Order is a historical fiction set in 16th century France. Jan Vander Leuk, a young novice, realises that what he envisioned in joining the brotherhood isn’t all that he dreamed it was. He then has to change his way of thinking and go… Continue Reading “The Order by John-Patrick Bayle (Book Review #1280)”

Airy Nothing by Clarissa Pattern (Book Review #1279)

Airy Nothing is a young adult fictional tale about a boy named John who has the ability to see things others cannot. When he decides to run away to London, he does not foresee all that will happen to him, meeting Black Jack as… Continue Reading “Airy Nothing by Clarissa Pattern (Book Review #1279)”

The Secret Resort of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver (Book Review #1278)

The secret resort of Nostalgia is a mystery romance and begins with Mike Denning accepting the perfect job. He is in charge of documenting details on an island resort in Nostalgia.