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A Few Words from Will Mullin

Writing has been an on-again-off-again hobby for me ever since I was very little. When I was about six years old, Dad set up a family computer. One of the first things I remember doing with it is firing up Microsoft Word and typing… Continue Reading “A Few Words from Will Mullin”

An Interview with Donovan Hufnagle

All my pieces, collections, and books are like my children; they each fill a special space—I favor not one more than the other. How could a parent pick their favorite child? My first book, The Sunshine Special, will always be my first. The book… Continue Reading “An Interview with Donovan Hufnagle”

Harvey’s Hutch by Philip Dodd (Book Review #1429)

‘Harvey’s Hutch’ is a memoir written about Philip’s life and everything that has been thrown at him, whether bad or good; he has somehow found a way to make it impactful. From being born in England and recovering from the effects of WWII, you… Continue Reading “Harvey’s Hutch by Philip Dodd (Book Review #1429)”

An Interview with N.C Brightman

1-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? For me, it wasn’t really a realisation. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and entered a school poetry competition when I was an infant. So for me, it… Continue Reading “An Interview with N.C Brightman”


Why devote five years of your life to researching historical facts and theories on what has caused human behavior that results in war? Because the next major war will be much different than even WWII, which resulted in over eighty million deaths over a… Continue Reading “WAS PLATO CORRECT IN CLAIMING DEMOCRACIES DEVOLE INTO TYRANNIES? by Thomas J. Yeggy”

An Interview with Matejs Kalns

1-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Probably very late on, I’ve always written stories from a very young age, scribbled little ideas and scenes. I didn’t fully commit to writing a novel until I was in my late twenties. It was a very nerve-wracking experience, but my debut book… Continue Reading “An Interview with Matejs Kalns”

Today Marks 6 years

6 years have passed, and it certainly has gone by fast. WordPress does give you these nice reminders. Well, let’s say a big thank you to everyone who follows, likes, subscribes, and endlessly supports this platform for authors. You guys make a difference! Here’s… Continue Reading “Today Marks 6 years”

I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci

All art forms are for two: the audience, and the artist. As the artist, one seeks to create something that will move the audience, teach them, humor them, or simply make them think about a topic in a new way. At the same time… Continue Reading “I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci”

My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel

Writing novels is not a short endeavor; at least, I haven’t experienced it to be. For the last five years, I have been working on my books in the Underworlds series, three novels so far, with the fourth and final one currently standing at… Continue Reading “My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel”