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A little chat with Veralyn Keach

Hey Guys! I’m Veralyn Keach, the writer and author of the new fiction vampire series, “The Scent Of A Man.” I reside in Port St Lucie, Florida and when I’m not writing I’m glued to Netflix or Hulu!

How a Software Engineer Became a Writer of Kids’ Books by Nisha Talagala

I have been a software engineer for many years. When I was growing up, I loved math and computers and programs, and did not particularly enjoy talking with people! I found out as I got older that writing, in some form, is important for… Continue Reading “How a Software Engineer Became a Writer of Kids’ Books by Nisha Talagala”

The Virtue of Pressure by JOHN VANDERSLICE

Drafting my forthcoming novel NOUS NOUS (October 19 from Braddock Avenue Books) was unlike drafting any other novel I’ve written. You see, I originally composed the book in a Novel Writing Workshop class, one in which I asked my students to complete a full… Continue Reading “The Virtue of Pressure by JOHN VANDERSLICE”

‘BITÉK, He From Whom Death Ran by Massocki Ma Massocki

The highly awaited and undisputed upcoming African classic literature ‘BITÉK, He From Whom Death Ran’ by Cameroonian author, Massocki Ma Massocki, and which will be released on the first of September was reviewed and featured on the Daily Info, a magazine of the University of Oxford in England,… Continue Reading “‘BITÉK, He From Whom Death Ran by Massocki Ma Massocki”

Rapid-Fire Interview of Ken Brandt

Ready for some really fast questions and answers about you and your book “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”?  Lets go, please fire away! 

Three Paradoxes Resolved by Writing Novels

My first suspense novel, Shrink Rapt, took me eight years to complete, an arduous and gratifying accomplishment.  As a psychologist, I value life lessons, especially when they come in the form of paradox.  Slogging through to the finish taught me three vital things. 

A Happy Ghost by Karl Kristian Flores

Somewhere in Kentucky Today I breathe in a town I don’t know,
 Whose warm weather is wet and thundering, Whose streetlights droop from wires sinking low, Whose milky life pace keeps me wondering.
 To where I went I did not care—I turned.
 I saw… Continue Reading “A Happy Ghost by Karl Kristian Flores”


Dear Resident of the Earth Realm, Imagine if you had the infernos of a mythical, fire dragon raging inside of you. Imagine if you had centuries of power and majesty trapped within your physical body. Now, imagine you are a tentative, thirteen-year old boy… Continue Reading “A Few Words BY BRETT SALTER”

Cancel culture by Dennis Scheel

Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) was recently doxed and his family was threatened with home invasions, forcing him to retire. But what could cause a debacle like that? I found it shocking, but his political views led to his… Continue Reading “Cancel culture by Dennis Scheel”