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Research can be fun! by Sue Clark

OK, let’s get it out there. Research for a novel can be a chore. Those heavy reference books, that dry-as-dust internet browsing, that trawling through ancient cuttings, they’re just not me. I write comedy, you see. For years, I was a BBC TV and… Continue Reading “Research can be fun! by Sue Clark”

Victorian Divination and Tales of Horror by Jon O’Bergh

What do crystal balls, funeral parlors, haunted houses, and tarot cards have in common? The classic imagery we associate with these things comes to us courtesy of the Victorians. The people of that era were fascinated with the occult. Victorians threw Halloween parties at… Continue Reading “Victorian Divination and Tales of Horror by Jon O’Bergh”

Autistic Fantasy – A New Literary Genre by Cameron Straughan

Autistic Fantasy? What’s that? Is that a thing? I didn’t know it existed! Well, that’s because I just invented it. Allow me to explain. Awhile back, I read a journal article entitled “Diagnosing Fantastic Autism: Kafka, Borges, Robbe-Grillet” (Olsen, 1986). It was extremely interesting.… Continue Reading “Autistic Fantasy – A New Literary Genre by Cameron Straughan”

Take it on the chin by Stephen A. Kennedy

I learned one of my most valuable lesson in writing back in my college years. I was taking a screenwriting class where every student had to write ten pages of their script per week. Then, we would take turns reading what we’d written that… Continue Reading “Take it on the chin by Stephen A. Kennedy”

“Editing: A Professional’s Job” by Alexander Watson

“Editing: A Professional’s Job” My editor, John Baskin, and I sit in the dining room of the General Denver Hotel, Wilmington, Ohio, at one-ish in the afternoon; he orders chicken noodle soup with a side of broccoli, an iced tea with a splash of… Continue Reading ““Editing: A Professional’s Job” by Alexander Watson”

On writing non-fiction versus fiction books by Kristian Hall

  So far I’ve written seven books, and published five of them. Two were best-sellers, both in my native country of Norway.

Question Everything by Kristina Rienzi

Question Everything by Kristina Rienzi True to my bio, I believe in all things paranormal, including aliens. I also question everything and preach about embracing the unknown. A lover of learning, I’m motivated by understanding all sides of topics I’m interested in, like the… Continue Reading “Question Everything by Kristina Rienzi”

Elizabeth Hazen – Girls Like Us

Elizabeth Hazen – Girls Like Us Girls Like Us is packed with fierce, eloquent, and deeply intelligent poetry focused on female identity and the contradictory personas women are expected to embody. The women in these poems sometimes fear and sometimes knowingly provoke the male gaze. At… Continue Reading “Elizabeth Hazen – Girls Like Us”

The Idea Behind Dystopian Novel – The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert

The Idea Behind Dystopian Novel – The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert I wanted to write a novel that would appeal to a wide readership because my writing is usually more inward-looking, rather than action orientated. I found that I could do both in… Continue Reading “The Idea Behind Dystopian Novel – The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert”