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A little conversation by Bluette Matthey

I come from a heritage of story tellers.  Author Gene Stratton Porter is part of my family tree, but more closely and importantly, my father was an amazing raconteur who enthralled his family and friends with tales of his youth in the small Ohio… Continue Reading “A little conversation by Bluette Matthey”

Funny Things by Jennifer deBie

Being a novelist is a funny thing. It’s a funny thing for a whole host of reasons, but the funniness of it struck me particularly hard this past weekend, when I realized at 1:32AM Saturday morning that I was stone-cold sober, and earnestly researching… Continue Reading “Funny Things by Jennifer deBie”

From A Prologue to An Ending: The Evolution of Writing a Novel by Gabrielle Yetter

Writing a novel was never on my bucket list. In fact, it was something I didn’t want to consider. There were too many talented authors, too many wonderful stories, too much competition in the book universe– why bother?

A few words by Kevin Doyle

         The other day, I managed to do something I hadn’t accomplished for years.          I wrote a short story.          Okay, a little background here. When I first began writing fiction (a long, long time ago), I started with short stories and pretty… Continue Reading “A few words by Kevin Doyle”

Bringing Overlooked Historical Figures To Life by Christie Stratos

It can be fun to write about historical figures everyone knows, but I find it extra exciting to resurrect real people history has forgotten.

Off-Island by Marlene Hauser

The release of my novel Off-Island in paperback by Matador, part of Troubador Publishing had been long overdue. Originally written in 1982 and entitled Krystal, the then name of the main character, it was shelved after several major publishing houses in New York took a pass. As… Continue Reading “Off-Island by Marlene Hauser”

A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana

A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana Do you eat avocado toast? Because if you do, there will be people out there who will label you as soon as you confess. Do you eat ramen? How about swordfish steak? Do you eat tofu? How about… Continue Reading “A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana”


Americans could wake up on January 20, 2021, and inaugurate as the next president of the United States…no one.      

How “Seeking Equilibrium” Addresses The Mental Health Crisis By Wayman Stewart

How “Seeking Equilibrium” Addresses The Mental Health Crisis By Wayman Stewart For years, my struggle with depression and anxiety was a source of secret shame and frustration. In spite of being someone who’s in touch with emotions and unafraid of vulnerable moments, talking about… Continue Reading “How “Seeking Equilibrium” Addresses The Mental Health Crisis By Wayman Stewart”