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My Story by Spencer Quin

For years I had been thinking about writing a story. There was an idea that I kept thinking about, a scenario, and I felt it was something that needed to be developed. I have always been very technical, I love the sciences, especially math,… Continue Reading “My Story by Spencer Quin”

‘Ravensong and the power of change.’ by Brian Hayes

This story has a mythological element but does not correspond to any one system of belief I can find. Dayeus Pitar (Father of heaven) belongs to the Verdic mythology and is equivalent to the Greek god Zeus. Rhea is the daughter of the titan… Continue Reading “‘Ravensong and the power of change.’ by Brian Hayes”

A Three Hour Tour by ROSE ELAINE

I should begin by saying this is my version of a “three-hour tour,” Not quite Gilligans Island; there wasn’t Gilligan, the Skipper, a millionaire, his wife, a movie star, a Professor, or Mary Ann! Just a kindly bus driver and a stubborn child.

To Create by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien

To be a creator, don’t think about it—do it. Diary entries can become a memoir. Doodles and drawings might sketch out base images as a launch point in a scene that demands a larger canvas, which might lead to something more serious more industrious… Continue Reading “To Create by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien”

Granny Oldham Had The Power To “Knit” Galaxies Into Existence! by Val Jon Farris

I remember spending summer vacations with her as a boy. Granny Oldham would sit for hours in her rocking chair with two large knitting needles creating all sorts of things for her grandkids. To my amazement, I would watch her knit into existence beautiful… Continue Reading “Granny Oldham Had The Power To “Knit” Galaxies Into Existence! by Val Jon Farris”

What’s It About? by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien

There might be multiple story-lines in an author’s work but they’re not advertised. My debut novel, Clochán, is a coming-of-age adventure about children growing up during a time of monsters. Kevin, who is introduced at the age of reason, grows to become a young… Continue Reading “What’s It About? by Lawrence Patrick O’Brien”

Wendy L.Scott-Hawkins

I’ve just recently got the first one under my belt … my first self-published book. Can you guess what comes after the congratulations from friends and family? You guessed it! Most people ask, “Are you going to write another one?”

Are Vampires Evil: Why I Wrote Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland

Are vampires evil was a question that I asked myself a lot when I was given the idea to write my very own novel by a coworker of mine. As an avid reader my coworker John Voldstad was interested in the books that I… Continue Reading “Are Vampires Evil: Why I Wrote Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland”

The Stories Behind the Stories by Ken Waldman

            I’ve just had my twentieth book published.             From 1990-1992, I lived in Nome, Alaska, a small community on the Bering Sea coast where I taught college writing classes, mostly over phone. I also traveled to villages where my students lived. I wrote… Continue Reading “The Stories Behind the Stories by Ken Waldman”