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Thoughts on writing a collection of interlinked stories by Elizabeth Merry

Carey Harrison, novelist and playwright, said once, that if you get into the habit of writing novels, short stories, plays, or television scripts, then every idea you get turns itself into the appropriate length. And to avoid that, you should aim for different lengths,… Continue Reading “Thoughts on writing a collection of interlinked stories by Elizabeth Merry”

Interview With Kathy Davis

Probably the poem that closes Passiflora, “Girls, She Falcons, Be Thin: Let Us Work Ourselves Asleep Against You,” because the hawk’s rise at the end feels so hopeful. Also, the title comes from a book of poetry someone gave me as a gift when… Continue Reading “Interview With Kathy Davis”

Writing Even When You Don’t Think You Can By Kristin Durfee

Writing a novel can sometimes it can feel like being in one of those old cartoons where the character makes this herculean effort to get to the top of a mountain…only to see thousands of other mountains along the horizon.

Printable Magic by Kathy Martone

What lies behind the eyes shines with an unearthly gleam and sparkle, a treasure chest of magic if you will.  Gathering the letters, words, and images hidden deep within the soul’s retinal landscape becomes an act of worship, kneeling before the altar of inspiration.

An Interview With David Seaburn

Broken Pieces of God is contemporary literary fiction. Primarily, this means it is a character driven story. The main plot revolves around the lives of Eddy and Gayle Kimes and their two adult offspring, Rich and Sandy. Eddy has recently lost his job with… Continue Reading “An Interview With David Seaburn”

A Guide to Resources for Aspiring Writers by Moody Two Shoes

Writing is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, but it can also be isolating. Fortunately, numerous resources available for aspiring writers can help you develop your craft, connect with other writers, and grow your audience. Here’s a list of some of the best resources for… Continue Reading “A Guide to Resources for Aspiring Writers by Moody Two Shoes”

If You Really Want to Help by Kurt Kandler

Good intentions are not good enough. Everyone wants to see extreme poverty alleviated, but too often, well-meaning do-gooders believe that good intentions and their carefully crafted solutions are sufficient. But poverty is more than just a material issue; the poor are more than a… Continue Reading “If You Really Want to Help by Kurt Kandler”

The Journey …by Bluette Matthey

Hardy Durkin, the veteran trekker, and protagonist of the Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery Series takes readers to off-the-beaten-path locales rather than the ‘Ten days in Europe’ itinerary, but locales are no less intriguing.  Thanks to my father, I have been traveling since childhood, and… Continue Reading “The Journey …by Bluette Matthey”

Feminism and Incandescence by Mehreen Ahmed

“I leave no trace of wings in the air, But I’m glad that I had my flight.”– Rabindranath Tagore Incandescence was inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s The Last Poem—Shesher Kobita. I read it three times at different stages of my life. And each time, I construed… Continue Reading “Feminism and Incandescence by Mehreen Ahmed”