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Barefoot Alice by Jan Porter (Book Review #1069)

Barefoot Alice is a contemporary woman’s fiction novel about how Alice’s husband leaves her and how her background shapes this person’s character in dealing with the matter. Alice is very relatable, and her story can remind you of so many people you probably know.

They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)

They lived they were at Brighton beach is a contemporary fiction book about the coming of age of a struggling artist. Ilya is a 22-year-old dancer at a nightclub. He loses her over a hidden stash of coke and prescription pills. Everything goes downhill… Continue Reading “They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)”

The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)

The latecomer is a novel written about an old couple who are forced into early retirement. Their children live far away, and as they enter a new phase in their life and relationship, Maggie and Charlie, seek more of a depth and understanding into… Continue Reading “The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)”

The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter by Glenn Seerup (Book Review #647)

The illuminating occurrence of Maxine porter is a story about Hayden Carlisle. He is an amateur designer who happens to start work at the Plush, a designer store, with only 23 years of age.

Mad Mischief by Susan St. John (Book Review #514)

Mad Mischief is a literary fiction about Sarah traveling to Africa with her husband. Her relationship has many issues, and with the trip being a stressful one, it did not get any better. While you genuinely get to feel that you have gone to… Continue Reading “Mad Mischief by Susan St. John (Book Review #514)”

Titles 1 – by Keith Julius

Titles 1 – by Keith Julius William Shakespeare wrote: “What is a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We can also use this rationale when discussing titles of movies, plays, television shows – or books.

Miss Titta Nurse Chloe by Regena Hoye (Book Review #457)

Miss Titta Nurse Chloe is a mystery thriller written about a widowed woman who has the ability to heal. Miss Titta decides to mentor a thirteen-year-old called Chloe. But when Chloe’s father has an accident, Miss Titta intervenes to seek justice. The story also… Continue Reading “Miss Titta Nurse Chloe by Regena Hoye (Book Review #457)”

Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)

Gables Court is about Samuel Baas who is a hopeless romantic. He wants to remain a virgin until he falls in love and marries his soulmate. The story takes on 10 years of his life describing his journey towards intimacy. It is only when… Continue Reading “Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)”

The House of the Soul: A Novel by Annie Dawson (Book Review #39)

  Ella Casey is a loving mother, wife, and ambitious women. Once she meets her old friend Teri, she begins to doubt whether the path she took becoming domestic was what she was destined to do. This story is written for every woman that… Continue Reading “The House of the Soul: A Novel by Annie Dawson (Book Review #39)”