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They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)

They lived they were at Brighton beach is a contemporary fiction book about the coming of age of a struggling artist. Ilya is a 22-year-old dancer at a nightclub. He loses her over a hidden stash of coke and prescription pills. Everything goes downhill… Continue Reading “They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)”

Visualization by Regina McDonald

Visualization. If someone were to ask you to describe the moment when your brain began forming pictures while reading or listening to a book, would you have a moment in time when written words suddenly burst into images of living color, scenes, characters, or… Continue Reading “Visualization by Regina McDonald”

Skylerr Darren – In his own words

Since the age of six-years-old, I can recall finding a fulfilling interest in writing and telling stories to my closest friends and family, enjoying the fact that I could merely entertain myself by conjuring up words and creating people to live in these alternate… Continue Reading “Skylerr Darren – In his own words”

Vincent Van Gogh – The Ambiguity of Insanity

An abrasive itinerary of the presence of women, the landscape and obsession. Such are the internal paradigms that went through the compelling life of the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh, the Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero (Book Review #525)

Vincent Van Gogh was an extraordinary Dutch painter. He was famous and influential in his time and made an impact on Western Art. There are many articles and opinions made about his work, in particular, his love for women and places. This audiobook provides… Continue Reading “Vincent Van Gogh, the Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero (Book Review #525)”

We Own the Sky by Sara Crawford (Book Review #440)

We own the sky is a young adult book about a sixteen-year-old girl. Sylvia Baker loves music and has the ability to see flickering people. Due to her nature being this way, she meets Vincent and realizes that he is, in fact, a muse.… Continue Reading “We Own the Sky by Sara Crawford (Book Review #440)”