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Dancing with Death by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #1050)

Dancing with death is a beautiful travel adventure story about the author going on a wild expedition with his friends, dealing with many thrilling scenes. From being charged by a bull shark, dealing with bandits, crocodiles, getting malaria, and so much more, you really… Continue Reading “Dancing with Death by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #1050)”

Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)

Positive Vision is a biography written about Brandt’s life, adventure and encounters. He presents his outtake on life and entertains the reader with his exciting retelling’s of explorations, jumping from a plane, chasing a criminal in New York, and more. He is honest about… Continue Reading “Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)”

Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)

Silent rise is a memoir. It is a form of documentation that displays Jones’s parents supporting his dreams, his love for the arts and how he graduates with a Masters in Fine Arts. Jones believes that he can change and transform communities through art… Continue Reading “Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)”

I, Tarzan Against All Odds by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #953)

Hi Jeyran, Thank you for your you review. I’m pleased to know that you enjoyed it and really appreciate that you reviewed it so rapidly. I hope you’ll enjoy Dancing with Death as much. Could I ask you to correct my first name which… Continue Reading “I, Tarzan Against All Odds by Jean-Philippe Soulé (Book Review #953)”

From My Balcony To Yours by Nino Gugunishvili (Book Review #950)

From my balcony to yours is a biography written as a collection of short stories aimed to enlighten you and inform you of her personal account during the first several months of the Covid-19. Her observations are sweet and endearing. The book is thought-provoking… Continue Reading “From My Balcony To Yours by Nino Gugunishvili (Book Review #950)”

Braving the World by Pam Saylor (Book review #951)

Braving the world is a memoir written about Pam and Dave’s journey of a lifetime. They retire and take a year-long trip to Italy in order to travel around. By staying three months here and three months there, they see so many beautiful countries.

The Promise by Connie Rife (Book Review #866)

The promise is a beautiful memoir written about a young girl named Connie. The memoir is set in the late 1960s, Pennsylvania. Connie is raised in a children’s home as her mother is mentally unstable to care for her. As she runs away from… Continue Reading “The Promise by Connie Rife (Book Review #866)”

Soaring Through Silent Skies by Brian Ehlers (Book Review #865)

Soaring through silent skies is a biography. It tells the story of a trailblazer who succeeds in becoming a successful athlete and coach in a world where against the odds, Brian is deaf.

The places left unfilled by M. C. Cauley (Book Review #837)

The places left unfilled is a memoir written about Morgan and her life in pursuit of finding her father. As luck would have it, she befriends a neighbor; however, the connection does not bode well, and things only begin to shed some light when… Continue Reading “The places left unfilled by M. C. Cauley (Book Review #837)”