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The places left unfilled by M. C. Cauley (Book Review #837)

The places left unfilled is a memoir written about Morgan and her life in pursuit of finding her father. As luck would have it, she befriends a neighbor; however, the connection does not bode well, and things only begin to shed some light when… Continue Reading “The places left unfilled by M. C. Cauley (Book Review #837)”

An Ambiguous Grief by Dominique Hunter (Book Review #827)

An Ambiguous Greif is a beautiful memoir written about the loss of a Mother, her grief over her son Dylan’s death, and the story behind why it came to be this way.  The focus is on Dylan, but the narrative and the story emphasize… Continue Reading “An Ambiguous Grief by Dominique Hunter (Book Review #827)”

Adventure by Chicken bus by Janet LoSole (Book Review #826)

Adventure by chicken is a travelogue written about a family who sold everything and went on a road trip through Central America between 2005- 2007. Janet and Lloyd have a plan, and they take their two children on what they call chicken busses, which… Continue Reading “Adventure by Chicken bus by Janet LoSole (Book Review #826)”

Wings of destiny by Fasihur Rahman (Book Review #732)

Wings of destiny is a biography book about the life of Ziaur Rahman Ansari (1925-1992), who served as a union minister in the council of ministers of two Prime Ministers – Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. The book is in six sections and explains… Continue Reading “Wings of destiny by Fasihur Rahman (Book Review #732)”

Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel

Editing vs self-editing by Dennis Scheel Editing is a big concern for writers, especially fresh the ones trying their first story. After finishing their story, the idea comes to if you should self-edit or get an editor. There are things such as Grammarly which… Continue Reading “Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel”

Far away and further back by Patrick Burns (Book Review #543)

Far away and further is a memoir written with the delicate texture of descriptions explaining in detail Patrick’s life. It describes his challenges, experiences, background and his travels. As a corporate nomad, he explores many avenues sharing some disadvantages welcoming us to an insightful… Continue Reading “Far away and further back by Patrick Burns (Book Review #543)”

Vincent Van Gogh, the Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero (Book Review #525)

Vincent Van Gogh was an extraordinary Dutch painter. He was famous and influential in his time and made an impact on Western Art. There are many articles and opinions made about his work, in particular, his love for women and places. This audiobook provides… Continue Reading “Vincent Van Gogh, the Ambiguity of Insanity by Giuseppe Cafiero (Book Review #525)”

3 Hour Dad by Adam T Hourlution (Book Review #479)

3 Hour Dad is a story written about Adam who becomes a father without knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant. At first, they think that it is appendicitis, but once he rushes to the hospital, he realizes that his girlfriend is having a baby.

Mark Morisson – Author Introduction

Hello Loyal Followers, I’m Mark Morrison, first-time author of an outstanding young adult fantasy action adventure titled TwoSpells. It’s a fantastically magical tale involving teenage American twins, Sarah and Jon, neither having a clue as to what they really are, Irregulars. They find out… Continue Reading “Mark Morisson – Author Introduction”