I am Jess by Jessica Fahi (Book Review #1327)


I am Jess is a biography written about a brave woman who has endured abuse during her first marriage. Jessica lets you know how important emotional abuse is and how – without noticing- you begin to start making excuses for your partner and blame yourself for the outcome of every letdown.

What stands to be mentioned here is how the author’s honesty is reflected throughout the entire book. How many people will find this book relatable? Many. You initially notice how Jessica may have it all, a loving relationship filled with all the materialist things that perfect it; however, there are signs, and slowly but surely, she realizes that she is manipulated through lies and fear.

You would have to possess a certain strength not just to go through this but also to write it for all to read.

I recommend this book to those who wish to read memoirs.

Written by Jeyran Main

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