Category: Fiction

An Enemy Like Me by Teri M Brown (Book Review #1384)

‘An enemy like me’ is a political fiction written about Jacob, a loyal family man who has to leave his wife and child to fight a war he isn’t sure he will return from.

The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories by L. F. Roth (Book Review #1410)

‘The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories’ is a collection of short stories. It contains a mixture of humorous and sombre storylines that make it suitable for all readers.

The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes (Book Review #1408)

‘The Night Fisher Elegies’ is a short storybook filled with reflections and verses that contain elements of personal and enjoyable tales. The book talks about faith, death, family and dreams but also explores the concept of self-reflect through short verses that keep you wanting… Continue Reading “The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes (Book Review #1408)”

War Angel: Korea, 1950 by Mike Weedall (Book Review #1406)

‘War Angel’ is a historical novel dedicated to the nurses of the US armed forces who served in the Korean War, demonstrating bravery and strength. The book tells the story of these courageous women and their hardships. It also discusses how the Army would not… Continue Reading “War Angel: Korea, 1950 by Mike Weedall (Book Review #1406)”

The Captivating Flames of Madness by Jeff Parsons (Book Review #1405)

‘The captivating flames of madness’ is a collection of horror, sci-fi stories that discuss drug addiction, pirates sail, pilots, hackers, and all sorts of the intriguing mind-boggling concept of storylines.

The Lone Leopard by Sharifullah Dorani (Book Review #1404)

‘The Lone Leopard’ is a historical fiction set in 1992, beginning with Ahmad, a 15-year-old traditional Pashtun, and Frishta, a 16-year-old women’s rights activist who is well outspoken.

Scavenger Hunt by Chad Boudreaux (Book Review #1402)

‘Scavenger Hunt’ is a spy thriller. It begins with Blake Hudson serving as a lawyer for the US justice system. However, as his research begins, his life also becomes in danger. You see a fast-paced political battle filled with humor and addresses underlying issues… Continue Reading “Scavenger Hunt by Chad Boudreaux (Book Review #1402)”

Neighborhood Watch by Kevin Patrick Kenealy (Book Review #1398)

Neighborhood Watch’ is a thriller fiction and begins in Ridgeport, Illinois, where Scott Casey has been living in a utopia that is run by specific rules that must be obeyed. Failure to do so would accumulate fines, and the people living there will lose… Continue Reading “Neighborhood Watch by Kevin Patrick Kenealy (Book Review #1398)”

The Junkyard Dick by Gillespie Lamb (Book Review #1396)

‘The Junkyard Dick’ is a Mystery romance story about Tak Sweedner following a request from his friend, Roque Zamarripa, to investigate a murder. Things don’t go as planned, and he ends up picking up more than he bargained for.