Category: Fiction

The Shattered Violin by Jared Bodnar (Book Review #1059)

The shattered violin is a sweet story about Conner and Cassie. They are very much in love, and their relationship is true to the bone. They are the perfect match, and you really feel for both of them. Their future happiness ends when Cassie… Continue Reading “The Shattered Violin by Jared Bodnar (Book Review #1059)”

Don’t Fence Me In by Heath Daniels (Book Review #1056)

Don’t fence me in is a contemporary fiction novel. It is set around the year 2017/18 and displays an unsettled America with several bombings, shutdowns, illegal immigrant detainments, and so much more.

Cape Nome by Neil Perry Gordon (Book Review #1051)

Cape Nome is the second book in the Alaskan adventures of Percy Hope. It’s 1898, and the city is filled with murder, kidnapping, conspiracies and many betrayals. Percy’s mission is to uncover the truth, but many things are in his way.

Ardennia by Bruce Calhoun (Book Review #1052)

Ardennia is a young adult novel about Cinderella’s Prince. The story is based on the original tale we all know and have been addicted to since a young age. However, this one takes on additional sideline adventures with pixies, trolls, fairies, nymphs, and dwarves.… Continue Reading “Ardennia by Bruce Calhoun (Book Review #1052)”

Victory with Valor by Barbara Robison (Book Review #1046)

Victory with Valor is a political fiction set in 1866. The story begins with Carrie taking a train to California. Her husband is ill with a fever, and before she gets there, she learns that he has passed on. Grief takes over her loss,… Continue Reading “Victory with Valor by Barbara Robison (Book Review #1046)”

The Road to Ravenna by Valerie Cullers (Book Review #1044)

The road to Ravenna is a Christian historical fiction and is the sequel to ‘The unwelcome stranger’. I had already read book one, so I knew what I was getting into and expected the same quality work.

The Swimmer by Laury A. Egan (Book Review #1043)

The swimmer is a fictional tale about Bess and her journey, making her final decisions about her life. It hasn’t been easy for Bess. She has lost the battle with pancreatic cancer, a failed marriage, and as a psychotherapist, she understands that her focus… Continue Reading “The Swimmer by Laury A. Egan (Book Review #1043)”

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing by  Celinka Serre (Book Review #1042)

Stardust Destinies is a young adult fantasy story. The story begins with Niome. She is on a mission with four of her friends and family, journeying through dark lands to find the stolen Book of Enchantment. It is being held by an evil lord… Continue Reading “Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing by  Celinka Serre (Book Review #1042)”

Memoir of a Doomsday Prophet By Randall DeVallance (Book Review #1041)

Memoir of a doomsday prophet is a suspense thriller about Edwin Block and his time in prison, reminiscing about the time and days that led his life to fall apart. He goes back to when he was still at college and how he failed… Continue Reading “Memoir of a Doomsday Prophet By Randall DeVallance (Book Review #1041)”