Category: Fiction

The Epistles of Jesus by Bayard Hollingsworth (Book Review #871)

The Epistles of Jesus is a fictional story.  It provides a theoretical approach to the matter of what if we discovered that Jesus had written his teachings down himself and those teachings had turned out to be in contrast to what exists now. Since… Continue Reading “The Epistles of Jesus by Bayard Hollingsworth (Book Review #871)”

Bad Luck Zach by Clifton Kenny (Book Review #870)

Bad luck Zach is an action-adventure about a young boy who finds himself not belonging to his environment. He is just too different

The Fairy Tales Grown Up by Konstantina Kalliontzi (Book Review #869)

The fairy tales grown up is a collection of fictional stories. The tales are based on the fairy tales we were used to reading when we were kids. The author does change a few things around but keeps the fantasy nature of the content,… Continue Reading “The Fairy Tales Grown Up by Konstantina Kalliontzi (Book Review #869)”

Search for the golden serpent by Luciana Cavallaro (Book Review #868)

Search for the Golden Serpent is a historical fiction fantasy about Evan. He is an architect who is having strange dreams encountering the mysterious Zeus who is attempting to prevent the birth of Christianity. Even not only has to fight for his life, but… Continue Reading “Search for the golden serpent by Luciana Cavallaro (Book Review #868)”

The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)

The Trapper is a thriller written about Blake, and Kitty left for dead by their father fighting for their lives and survival. Left in the forest, there are traps, hunters, dangerous and cruel conditions where the kids have to gain courage and rely on… Continue Reading “The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)”

The Zaragoza Chronicles by A. J. Ayeni (Book Review #908)

The Zaragoza Chronicles is book 1 of the TZC series. The supernatural, paranormal story begins with MC Femi discovering that he has been accepted to the world’s most prestigious and generous scholarship, the Zaragoza New Beginnings Scholarship.

Note to Boy by Sue Clark (Book Review #857)

Note to boy is a fictional tale about Eloise and Bradley. The two forecast a very interesting dynamic of a relationship. None of the characters mesh or sync well, and both are together for their own reason, which creates a compelling story. The secrets… Continue Reading “Note to Boy by Sue Clark (Book Review #857)”

Limited Edition by S. C. Wiles (Book Review #856)

Limited edition is a YA, Fantasy & Romance about Hali Edie Shawn and her journey trying to live as long as she can. However, things change when a few minutes before she turns 18, she feels pain around her thighs and is drawn into… Continue Reading “Limited Edition by S. C. Wiles (Book Review #856)”

A Grand Exposition by Kim Idynne (Book Review# 853)

A grand exposition is a historical mystery set at the 1889 World’s Fair. It begins with Elizabeth, who has recently lost her husband and son. She moves to Delhi with her daughter, Charlotte, and is told to stay away from the Indian neighborhoods. Things… Continue Reading “A Grand Exposition by Kim Idynne (Book Review# 853)”