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What Frees the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #998)

What frees the heart is a romantic fiction novel. It is the second book in the ‘Cownbird Creek’ series. Set in 1876, Tom, a farmer’s boy who has lost his leg, feels as if he has lost his manhood and value. On the other… Continue Reading “What Frees the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #998)”

Stronger Together by Andrea Green (Book Review #997)

Stronger together is a contemporary romance. It all begins with Susie Quinn and her marriage to Matt, the controlling, abusive type, introducing a whole new drama to the story. Fortunately, Susie is not one to take it any longer, and her attempt to run… Continue Reading “Stronger Together by Andrea Green (Book Review #997)”

Suffer Little Children by Freda Hansburg (Book Review #996)

Suffer little children is a psychological thriller written about Robin Perry, an administrator for tremendous national research programs bullied by Gloria Reyes into curing Alex, her young son, from a malignant brain tumour. No matter how much Robin insists that the research program is… Continue Reading “Suffer Little Children by Freda Hansburg (Book Review #996)”

This Land is No Stranger by Sarah Hollister & Gil Reavill (Book Review #994)

This land is no stranger is a Nordic crime thriller written about issues impacting the Swedish society, the Roma minority, and far-right activism.

To be enlightened by Alan J. Steinberg (Book Review #993)

To be enlightened is a fictional story written about Abe Levy, a professor of philosophy at a Southern California college, and Sara, his wife. Sarah wants nothing to do with Abe’s interest in meditation or his enlightenment journey.

The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks (Book Review #992)

The Demeter code is a suspenseful mystery and crime story. The third book is series and begins with Ridley Fox and Nita Parris being assigned to find out why two American embassies in northern Africa have been bombed. Things turn worse when one of… Continue Reading “The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks (Book Review #992)”

Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)

Maggie finds her muse is a contemporary romance story. It begins with Maggie Bliss, a 48-year-old writer who hasn’t had much luck in relationships and struggles to finish her third novel. Following a suggestion made to her, she travels to Paris, lives in a… Continue Reading “Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)”

Gone by Reagan Keeter (Book Review #988)

GONE is a thriller fiction written about how Connor does everything he can to find his abducted parents. Although police have been doing all they can, Connor finds himself searching for his parents, who have been taken.

Ekleipsis by Tamel Wino (Book Review #986)

Ekleipsis is a collection of short stories embodying the thought of what happens when we give in to the darkness?