Category: Fiction

A Wife for the Devil BY Shruti Rao (Book Review #1264)

A wife for the devil is a Victorian historical romance. The story begins with Elizabeth Lavoisier, a widow of 24 years of age and the illegitimate child of the Baron’s younger sister and an Indian soldier. She lives with her uncle, Baron Deverill. They… Continue Reading “A Wife for the Devil BY Shruti Rao (Book Review #1264)”

First Comes Baby by Alison O’Mara (Book Review #1262)

First Comes Baby is a fictional tale about a young woman named Ella deciding to go against social norms and have a baby by 35 before she is married or has a stable partner.

A Salted Slug by Joe King (Book Review #1259)

A salted slug is a crime mystery science fiction story. Zander Kain is a writer who has lost his job due to leaking classified information. He spends his days trying to get some work as a freelance writer for the Rook City Review which… Continue Reading “A Salted Slug by Joe King (Book Review #1259)”

Now Entering Alaska Time by Ken Waldman (BookReview #1258)

Now entering Alaska is a fictional short story divided into five parts. It is a unique blend of drama, death, loss, and comedy. Zan, a 28-year-old divorce’ and a musician moves to Frainbanks and, after experiencing love and loss, meets Melinda, a 27-year-old who… Continue Reading “Now Entering Alaska Time by Ken Waldman (BookReview #1258)”

The Short story collective: 13 Tales from Japan by Andrew Innes (Book Review #1254)

Thirteen tales from Japan is a collection of stories discussing the contemporary issues facing Japan. It introduces the reader to a wide range of inspirational and thought-provoking scenes keeping you intrigued.

The Adversary by Maurício Limeira (Book Review #1253)

The adversary is a crime thriller and is about Zeca, a journalist seeking revenge for the killers of his girlfriend. He feels horrible and responsible for her death. Justice to himself is only achieved when he hires a professional killer, Casimir, to find the… Continue Reading “The Adversary by Maurício Limeira (Book Review #1253)”

Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)

Twisted love is an occult horror story about Dr. Julietta, an archaeologist who discovers a chamber containing the remains of a pair of lovers in an excavation while she is in Mexico City. The finding seems to be the core of the story, and… Continue Reading “Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)”

Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)

Fate’s final destiny is a military romance story. The story begins on a Pacific battlefield in 1944 during World War II but really goes back to 1930 when Cindy and Michael meet. Michael Johnson reminisces his time growing up in Oklahoma Panhandle and everything… Continue Reading “Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)”

Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)

Self Studies is book one of the ‘Thorns of Charbon Institute” series. The story begins with Aphrodite, an 18-year-old girl who possesses magical power inside her. She is dominated by her master, who also appears to be after his own agenda, but when he… Continue Reading “Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)”