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Victorian Songlight is a magic and mystery story about Kate. She comes from a troubling past and is a 41-year-old bisexual woman who lives in a small Victorian town in the Ozark mountains. Kate is an artist and has psychic powers. Her life changes… Continue Reading “VICTORIAN SONGLIGHT: BIRTHINGS OF MAGIC & MYSTERY by Kathy Martone (Book Review #956)”

Bara Lodge by Tsiresy Rasolondraibe (Book Review #1018)

Bara Lodge is a crime fiction. The story begins with Hary Andrean travelling to Madagascar to meet his girlfriend’s parents and ask permission to take her hand in marriage. While he does not get approved or blessed, more complications happen to revolve around drug… Continue Reading “Bara Lodge by Tsiresy Rasolondraibe (Book Review #1018)”

Everything Somewhere by David Kummer (Book Review #1017)

Everything somewhere is a coming of age fictional story geared toward the young adult generation. It begins with Hudson, a young man who is dealing with depression and isolation. He meets Bruce Michaels, who is a celebrity hiding away from the public eye. The… Continue Reading “Everything Somewhere by David Kummer (Book Review #1017)”

Bad Medicine by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #1014)

Bad medicine is a medical thriller and begins with Brad Parker, a professor serving as an interim director for a research institute. Everything to him is routine until he finds himself dealing with patients dying mysteriously after a clinical trial.

Forgive us by E. T. Gunnarsson (Book Review #1012)

Forgive us is an action-packed post-apocalyptic story that deals with a couple of intertwining storylines that end up meeting up with each other. It begins in the year 2100. Oliver is a lone survivor, then moves on to 50 years after introducing London and… Continue Reading “Forgive us by E. T. Gunnarsson (Book Review #1012)”

Dead Letters by Sheila Lowe (Book Review #1010)

Dead Letters is a mystery crime story about Claudia Rose’s desperate hunt for her missing niece, Monica, who goes on an archaeology dig in Egypt. The more Claudia researched, the more drama and adventure she encountered. Claudia’s expertise in international forensic handwriting comes in… Continue Reading “Dead Letters by Sheila Lowe (Book Review #1010)”

The Seed of Rosewood by Massimo Rozzoni (Book Review #1009)

The seed of rosewood is a historical story set in 1715. The narration is written in a diary form and begins with Patrick Douglas, a 15-year-old kidnapped from his beautiful Scottish farm. Surviving becomes key as Pirates take Patrick. They are headed for Providence… Continue Reading “The Seed of Rosewood by Massimo Rozzoni (Book Review #1009)”

House of Lazarus by T. L. Bodine (Book Review #1007)

House of Lazarus is an indie horror story and the second book in its series, but it can be read as a standalone story. The action thriller begins with Davin Montoya, a 23-year-old member of the Underground, a group of walking dead living under… Continue Reading “House of Lazarus by T. L. Bodine (Book Review #1007)”

Transmission by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1006)

Transmissions is a love story about Amelie and Benjamin and how their memories of a lifetime together shape the story at hand. Love is a strong notion, and in this novel, we read how two people can be in love, fall apart and live… Continue Reading “Transmission by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1006)”