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Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law (Book Review #850)

Love and pollination is a funny contemporary fiction written about Perdita. Perdita has never been kissed and has a crush who has no clue about her feelings. Her client realizes the ordeal and suggests some moderation towards Perdita’s image. Her failure and its complications… Continue Reading “Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law (Book Review #850)”


The interstellar mission is a sci-fi novel situated in space. It begins with Queen Kalandriak, who is an alien ruler over a race called the Xurakai. Kalandriak’s intentions are clear. She wants to dominate the universe. The more control she has over space and… Continue Reading “THE INTERSTELLAR MISSION – THE EARTH DEFENCE LEAGUE by TSHEKEDI WALLACE (Book Review #846)”

Immortalize by Donald Furrow-Scott (Book Review #789)

Immortalize is a pair of novels set in the Phoenician Mediterranean, circa 760BCE. It is a historical fiction story about the ancient sea kingdom of Phoenicia trying to guard and protect the Pillars of Hercules at the Straits of Gibraltar and thus, its shipping… Continue Reading “Immortalize by Donald Furrow-Scott (Book Review #789)”

The Tech by Mark Ravine (Book Review #788)

The tech is a crime mystery novel about Cassidy, who works for the FBI. She is trouble, stands her ground, and following orders is just not what Cassidy does.  She has a reputation. When Cassidy returns to Arizona, she finds herself in a predicament.… Continue Reading “The Tech by Mark Ravine (Book Review #788)”

337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)

337 is a contemporary fiction written about Samuel Darte, a boy who sadly wakes up to a note and ring from his mother, not knowing where she has disappeared. Only his Grandma knows what happened to his mother, and as the story takes you… Continue Reading “337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)”

In the canyons of shadow and light by Emily Donoho (Book Review #786)

In the canyons of shadow and light is a psychological thriller set in 2004, New York. The story begins with Alex Boswell, an NYPD homicide detective, introspective, world-weary, and cynical man. He seeks justice in an injustice world, and crimes happen at frenzied promptness,… Continue Reading “In the canyons of shadow and light by Emily Donoho (Book Review #786)”

Hinterland by L. M. Brown (Book Review #783)

Hinterland is a fictional story written about family, love, and the importance of a father’s love for her daughter. Nicholas has a five-year-old daughter named Kate. Kate’s life falls apart when her mother disappears, and Nicholas does not reveal the real reason that has… Continue Reading “Hinterland by L. M. Brown (Book Review #783)”

Root and Branch by Preston Fleming (Book Review #782)

Root and Branch is a political thriller written about Rogers Zorn, who is a security contractor. He learns that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been using his companies’ discoveries in order to achieve their own disturbing purposes.

Roar Carlos by E. Vargas (Book Review #781)

Roar is a fantasy book about Ella, a 10-year-old girl who lives on a farm with her older brother, Maurice. She loves the farm life and is very happy. However, things don’t last long after her brother disappears one day. Things around the farm… Continue Reading “Roar Carlos by E. Vargas (Book Review #781)”