Category: Fiction

Reflections of Destiny by Benzon Ray Barbin (Book Review #1205)

Reflections of destiny is a science fiction, fantasy thriller story. Jaye Divista is an assassin who reunites with his ex-girlfriend Arlene. When Arlene is the daughter of the former president and Jaye wishes to marry her, both die in an airstrike.

Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)

Shallcross is an existential thriller fiction and a perfect tale for Halloween and horror fans. The story begins with Aubrey Shallcross and his feelings of the absence of routine since he has sold his business and is retired. Things have lost their purpose, and… Continue Reading “Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)”

There’s a Dead Girl In My Yard by Angela Page and Mia Altieri (Book Review #1198) 

There’s a dead girl in my yard is a comedy crime story inspired by actual events. Poppy is a struggling actress, and her life changes when she witnesses an urn being buried. She gets involved with Dalia, a dead girl who used to be… Continue Reading “There’s a Dead Girl In My Yard by Angela Page and Mia Altieri (Book Review #1198) ”

Fae or Foe? By C A DEEGAN (Book Review #1191)

Fae or Foe is book one of the Cracklock Saga series. The young adult fantasy story begins with Jack Crackley and him trying to stay away from the ever-changing world around him, but as luck has it, he is fallen right in the middle… Continue Reading “Fae or Foe? By C A DEEGAN (Book Review #1191)”

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King (Book Review #1190)

Glory unbound is an African American historical fiction written about Glory Bishop. From the beginning, you realize that Glory is not having it easy. Her backstory, the relationship with her mother, and Malcolm, the villain, truly shape your mind about what she is dealing… Continue Reading “Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King (Book Review #1190)”

The Second List by Max Bridges (Book Review #1189)

The second list is an organized crime thriller story. It all begins with Patrick Rooper, a journalist and an ex-navy SEAL who is given a request to retrieve a document from the Swiss Alps, realizing he got more than what he bargained for.

The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)

The truth now is a psychological fiction written about Sid Green. The action-adventure is set in New Hampshire State Correctional Facility, where Sid faces a murder charge. After 19 years of jail time, he is free and begins to re-live or build something back.… Continue Reading “The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)”

As Vaan Made us by Jonathan Sobe (Book Review #1182)

As Vaan mase us is a dystopian thriller describing a world where the world is divided, humanity is not at all life before, and with a cast of characters that are diverse and rich, you enter a world where it’s uncertain and a holy… Continue Reading “As Vaan Made us by Jonathan Sobe (Book Review #1182)”

Clochán by Lawrence P. O’Brien (Book Review #1180)

Clochán is a historical fiction set in the late eighteenth century. Kevin Neal is six years old and has been through a great deal witnessing the loss of his family by English soldiers in 1798. As he runs away while he sees his family… Continue Reading “Clochán by Lawrence P. O’Brien (Book Review #1180)”