Category: Fiction

Wild World by Peter S. Rush Wild World (Book Review #1321)

Wild World by Peter S. Rush is a historical fiction set in the 1970s and is about Steve Logan, a college student, protesting the authority and the Vietnam war. His intentions are pure, and wanting peace is no crime, but when four students at Kent… Continue Reading “Wild World by Peter S. Rush Wild World (Book Review #1321)”

Stolen Moments of Joy by Hamour Baika (Book Review #1320)

Stolen Moments of Joy is a contemporary LGBT story for an adult audience. The story begins with Abdul and his destructive relationship with Cliff. Abdul is a gay Afghan, and at the young age of only 24, he doesn’t really know what to do.

Tomorrow’s End by G.R. Morris (Book Review #1319)

Tomorrow’s End is book one of its series and is filled with demons, aliens, and a galaxy-saving prophecy. The premise is concise and trends on two characters that are well created and mesh well together, keeping you engaged until the end.

Sons of Taldra BY Duane Simolke (Book Review #1318)

Sons of Taldra is a sci-fi story filled with action, adventure, aliens, and battle scenes. It’s all about Valchondria developing a one-world government and sending two ships of colonists into deep space.

The White Lie by Zarnaab Adil (Book Review #1310)

The White Lie is a short dystopian thriller written filled with the journey of Foreign Minister Shahzain Magsi and his man Hasan Murtaza navigating Pakistan and organizing the 2036 OIC Summit.

The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)

‘The Forty-Something Fanboy’ is a contemporary fiction and begins introducing David Yi, a divorced Korean American man who is struggling to make connections due to Covid-19. He falls in love with Yoon- Mi, but soon that also falls apart since he cannot induce intimacy… Continue Reading “The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)”

On Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine (Book Review #1300)

On Rosy Lane is a woman’s fiction story and is about how Rose fights to keep Rose Elaine after her mother passes away. The manor means a lot to her as it has been a place of refuge for over a hundred years. Unfortunately… Continue Reading “On Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine (Book Review #1300)”

Sin Eater by Amanda Denham (Book Review #1296)

Sin Eater is a Contemporary fantasy story filled with paranormal and urban elements. The story begins with Jayde Holloway and her ability to wipe out memories. For some, this could be a great power to have, but for her, it’s not. Especially when she… Continue Reading “Sin Eater by Amanda Denham (Book Review #1296)”

Death at Dusbar College by Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1295)

Death at Dusbat College is a beautiful story written about Cristiano visiting his aunt, hoping to learn about magic at the magical Dusbar College. When the Grand Magician passes away, Cristiano has a riddle to solve, becoming the premise of this exciting story.