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The Zaragoza Chronicles by A. J. Ayeni (Book Review #908)

The Zaragoza Chronicles is book 1 of the TZC series. The supernatural, paranormal story begins with MC Femi discovering that he has been accepted to the world’s most prestigious and generous scholarship, the Zaragoza New Beginnings Scholarship.

Note to Boy by Sue Clark (Book Review #857)

Note to boy is a fictional tale about Eloise and Bradley. The two forecast a very interesting dynamic of a relationship. None of the characters mesh or sync well, and both are together for their own reason, which creates a compelling story. The secrets… Continue Reading “Note to Boy by Sue Clark (Book Review #857)”

Limited Edition by S. C. Wiles (Book Review #856)

Limited edition is a YA, Fantasy & Romance about Hali Edie Shawn and her journey trying to live as long as she can. However, things change when a few minutes before she turns 18, she feels pain around her thighs and is drawn into… Continue Reading “Limited Edition by S. C. Wiles (Book Review #856)”

A Grand Exposition by Kim Idynne (Book Review# 853)

A grand exposition is a historical mystery set at the 1889 World’s Fair. It begins with Elizabeth, who has recently lost her husband and son. She moves to Delhi with her daughter, Charlotte, and is told to stay away from the Indian neighborhoods. Things… Continue Reading “A Grand Exposition by Kim Idynne (Book Review# 853)”

Reborn by T.M. Parris (Book Review #852)

Reborn is a political/espionage thriller story set in Hong Kong, China. The story introduces Rose Clarke as a disgraced secret service officer who has been given a task to track John Fairchild, a mercenary down. John has created a network that appears to be… Continue Reading “Reborn by T.M. Parris (Book Review #852)”

Pandora’s Gardener by David Charles Mason (Book Review #851)

Pandora’s gardener is a humorous adventure mystery novel written about John Gardener, who happens to be the holder or a seemingly harmless price of computer hardware that can cause enormous harm to humanity. The technology behind it can bring global domination; however, John has… Continue Reading “Pandora’s Gardener by David Charles Mason (Book Review #851)”

The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)

The swing of life is the second part of a contemporary fiction/family novella written about Antonia turning 50. He is surrounded by everyone he loves. However, the party falls apart a bit with him having some unanswered dilemma. As days go by Antonia understands… Continue Reading “The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)”

M. Jonathan Lee On Writing

*TRIGGER WARNING* reference to suicide In conclusion, life can be weird so why can’t stories be weirder? I first got into writing when I was at school, aged 11. For an English class, I’d written an adventure story where an explorer had to find… Continue Reading “M. Jonathan Lee On Writing”

The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)

The secret of Rosalita Flats is a mystery humor set on a small Caribbean island, and it’s about Cal. He is a watchmaker and has inherited a big house he wants to get rid of. All he wants is to get off Blacktip Island… Continue Reading “The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)”