Category: Fiction

The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers (Book Review #652)

The unwelcome stranger is a religious fiction novella set in the fourth century about the time which Constantine comes to invade Italy. The historical fiction is about Livia Arvum, who is a grieving widow and meets Lucius, who is hasting to deliver news about…

Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark by Brett Armstrong (Book Review #649)

Quest of fire is a young adult book written about Anargen. He is a young man sworn to protect the king od Realms. His mentor, Cinaed, becomes his companion in a quest which he has to mediate peace between three- not so ordinary- group….

They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holly Kirbo (Book Review #648)

They slay me is a memoir written by a mother of three triplets and everything she has learned through raising them. The book is a mixture of humorous and exciting encounters where both parents find themselves watching their children grow. The compilation of stories…

The Illuminating Occurrence of Maxine Porter by Glenn Seerup (Book Review #647)

The illuminating occurrence of Maxine porter is a story about Hayden Carlisle. He is an amateur designer who happens to start work at the Plush, a designer store, with only 23 years of age.

The Watcher in the Night by Michael Carlos Maroney (Book Review #646)

The watcher is a crime thriller about Tobias. He is a watch cat investigating the murder of three cats. The more he investigates, the more crimes become connected to his research.

Memoirs of a False Messiah by Pamela Becker (Book Review #643)

Memoirs of a false Messiah is a memoir written about a woman who has a message from God. MiMi has a mission, and that has her move from her mixed religious home to Orthodox Judaism and eventually has her cultivate her own cult.

Blindsided by Narc Narcisse (Book Review #637)

BSD (Blindsided date) sets Mark and Emma up on a blind date, fully knowing that neither of them expects each other to be so different from their typical type. Mark is much younger than Emma, and that is the first thing he notices alongside…

Hammer of God by Aria Ligi (Book Review #638)

Hammer of God is a collection of poems written with a classical theme. The work discusses religion, modern-day issues, and spiritual diversity.

Personalized Murder by Jeff Holt (Book Review #633)

Personalized murder is a crime story about a man that kills based on their victim’s personal weaknesses. Two of the victims happen to be the Democratic President and his VP.