Category: Non- Fiction

What is Coronovirus by Sabbithry Persad (Book Review #1228)

What is coronavirus is a nonfiction book providing an educational account and discussion of the novel coronavirus and the pandemic. The book approaches the matter through the world of science and health research.

Swipe Write by Lindsay Taylor Dellinger (Book Review #1227)

Swipe write is a memoir dating book containing tales of Lindsay going on 20 online dates, meeting 20 different men, and what happens with each one. Some are hilarious, some weird but above all, you get to understand what a thirty-three-year-old divorcee has to… Continue Reading “Swipe Write by Lindsay Taylor Dellinger (Book Review #1227)”

From Auschwitz with love by Daniel Seymour (Book Review #1223)

From Auschwitz with love is a memoir of two sisters, Manci and Ruth Grunberger, surviving quite an ordeal. They were a happy Jewish family living in former Czechoslovakia and doing all the normal things such as going to school and hanging out with friends.

Love Stories by Robert Germaux (Book Review #1221)

Love stories is a travel memoir about the author’s wife, Cindy Miller spending six weeks in Europe in 1966. The memoir moves between 1966 and 1989 and 2019. Cindy is only 17 when she leaves Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and travels with 250 other teenagers visiting… Continue Reading “Love Stories by Robert Germaux (Book Review #1221)”

THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI by Kaushay and Spencer Ford (Book Review #1219)

THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI is a story about a young Japanese American man having to move out of the country after taking over his father’s market business and running it for years. Frank and his family move into an internment camp and fight… Continue Reading “THE LITTLE-KNOWN HEROES: FRANK EMI by Kaushay and Spencer Ford (Book Review #1219)”

The Depth of Vision: Screw up Poverty with this Vision by Mohsen Estesnaei (Book Review #1215)

The depth of vision is a nonfiction motivational book written by Estesnaei, providing a different perspective on poverty. It all begins when Estesnaei records his conversations with a teenage boy named Amir while working on his thesis.

Journey to My Daughter by Jennifer Rose Asher (Book Review #1213)

Journey to my daughter is a beautiful memoir written about love, adoption, and finding yourself. It all begins with Jennifer and her husband deciding to have children. After two miscarriages and a lot more heartache, they choose to find other ways to become parents.… Continue Reading “Journey to My Daughter by Jennifer Rose Asher (Book Review #1213)”

Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)

This book is a nonfiction book written about the word. The author explains the word by using pop culture references and many other sources to enable the reader a vast knowledge of understanding. It is apparent to see that the author has aimed to… Continue Reading “Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)”

How To Pull A Movie Out Of Your A** by G. Dorchak (Book Review #1209)

How to pull a movie out of you’re a** is a nonfiction self-help book for those interested in the filmmaking industry and looking for ways to enter the business without breaking the bank.