Category: Non- Fiction

Calm and Sense by Wendy Leeds (Book Review #1033)

Calm and sense is a self-help book geared for most women who wish to live a stress-free life. Although the information is not designed to replace any medical or psychiatric treatment, it still offers a well-organized method for dealing with anxiety.

The Triumph of the Man Who Acts by Edward Earle Purinton (Book Review #1031)

The triumph of the man who acts is a self-help book for anyone looking to live a healthier way. It discusses the challenges we face and how we should work. Efficiency is the key, and to reach happiness, one needs to maintain wellness in… Continue Reading “The Triumph of the Man Who Acts by Edward Earle Purinton (Book Review #1031)”

Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)

Positive Vision is a biography written about Brandt’s life, adventure and encounters. He presents his outtake on life and entertains the reader with his exciting retelling’s of explorations, jumping from a plane, chasing a criminal in New York, and more. He is honest about… Continue Reading “Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)”

The Goal Driven Business by Edward W. Petty (Book Review #1025)

The goal driven business is a self-help book for those who own a business. The author offers a new methodology to simplify and fasten the current proceedings of a business. The book is used as a guide explaining the advantages of marketing and how… Continue Reading “The Goal Driven Business by Edward W. Petty (Book Review #1025)”

SHALLCROSS: Animal Slippers by Charles Porter (Book Review #955)

Animal Slippers is the third book in its series. Shallcross and Flame Vine are two previous works before this one. Shallcross novels are the American Stadium for fifty years of Aubrey Shallcross’s life.

Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)

Silent rise is a memoir. It is a form of documentation that displays Jones’s parents supporting his dreams, his love for the arts and how he graduates with a Masters in Fine Arts. Jones believes that he can change and transform communities through art… Continue Reading “Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)”

The MAGIC of NATURE by Jessica Marie Baumgartner (Book Review #1015)

Magic of nature is a self-help book geared towards meditations and spells that find your inner voice. The book begins with earth meditations and then follows with gardening, hiking, swimming and more. We are encouraged to break free and take ourselves away from technology.

Garden of Grief by Lori Koidahl (Book Review #1013)

Garden of Grief is a self-help book about grieving and how to deal with loss. The author is familiar with the matter as she, too, has dealt with it. The book is a personal telling of how things have worked out for her and… Continue Reading “Garden of Grief by Lori Koidahl (Book Review #1013)”

Hillbilly Queer by J. R. Jamison (Book Review #1017)

Hillbilly Queer is a memoir written about how the author grew up as a hillbilly and queer in a neighbourhood where they were primarily homophobic.