Category: Non- Fiction

The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay (Book Review #1095)

The secret of plants in the environment is like a bible for plant lovers. If you are into plants or want to have your own, then this book is for you. You can learn so much from this book, from plant temperature change to… Continue Reading “The Secret of Plants in the Environment by Rishikesh Upadhyay (Book Review #1095)”

Enjoy in Joy by Geeco (Book Review #1089)

Enjoy in joy is a self-help book geared towards those who wish to get more out of their life and increase their peace of mind towards being happier. Making a change is hard, but this book challenges you to change the way you think.

Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)

Reinvented is an autobiography about Jason Calabrese. His life is very hard, mostly with debt, low self-esteem, broken teeth, and a spirit he sees as almost destroyed. Feeling beaten down, he faces unemployment and isolation with COVID-19, but the stillness makes him think and… Continue Reading “Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)”

Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)

Shaping your new normal is a self-help book aimed to normalize your intake on life after Covid-19. There is no doubt that things have changed, and everyone has had to find a new normal. The book is like a personal coach giving you guidance… Continue Reading “Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)”

Geckos and Guns – The Pakistan Years by Sharon Bazant (Book Review #1082)

Geckos and Guns is a travel memoir. This book follows her 2019 book titled ‘Nine Years in Bangkok’ and is a prequel to the author’s family breaking from everything they were used to and leaving Canada, their home. The author demonstrates many ups and… Continue Reading “Geckos and Guns – The Pakistan Years by Sharon Bazant (Book Review #1082)”

Travel Mania by Karen Gershowitz (Book Review #1072)

Travel Mania is a travel adventure story about Karen Gershowitz, who has travelled Europe alone at the age of 17. She has spanned more than 90 countries, pursuing her dream and passion of travelling. While travelling, she meets many people, understands various cultures, experiences… Continue Reading “Travel Mania by Karen Gershowitz (Book Review #1072)”

My Brother Nibby Wyatt Mercer DeHavalan (Book Review #1065)

My brother Nibby is a memoir written about four brothers living in the Lower Town of Ann Arbor in Michigan. The biography retells events from the 1930s and speaks of the 40s and 50s eras. The memoir reveals special and intimate moments of how… Continue Reading “My Brother Nibby Wyatt Mercer DeHavalan (Book Review #1065)”

Ninety – Nine Fire Hoops by Allison Hong Merrill (Book Review #1062)

Ninety – Nine fire hoops is a memoir and tells the story of a nineteen-year-old Taiwanese Mormon girl, Allison Hong. She meets an American Mormon missionary, Cameron Chastain and falls in love. They elope to Texas, and at the age of twenty-two, she believes… Continue Reading “Ninety – Nine Fire Hoops by Allison Hong Merrill (Book Review #1062)”

Critical Masses by Julie Banks Lewis (Book Review #1060)

Critical Masses is a self-help, non-fiction book, and it assesses the power dynamics and structural inequalities throughout American history. It discusses the system or powers, capitalism, democracy, patriarchy, and so much more.