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Suicidal to Superhuman by Mike Dayem (Book Review #794)

Suicidal to superhuman is a self-help book that challenges the ways we currently approach mental health, depression, and suicide. The work borderlines a tool kid and takes a closer look at how people struggle with mental health or mask their emotions. It then provides… Continue Reading “Suicidal to Superhuman by Mike Dayem (Book Review #794)”

Intentionally Becoming Different by Alexander Trost (Book Review #758)

Intentionally becoming different is a self-help book written, enabling the reader to find ways to control your fate purposefully. The book guides you with clarity assisting the reader to become better and different, achieving a fulfilled life.

How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)

How’s your family, is a self-help book discussing the value of family and how it creates a harmonic life. The book is divided into four sections. It begins with the author’s story and then follows through with some secrets broadening the knowledge about family… Continue Reading “How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)”

Learn to Love by Thomas Jordan (Book Review #716)

Learn to love is a self – help book written about how the way we are loved as a child and the environment we grow up in affects the subconscious mind and teaches us to show affection to others. It explains the reasons why… Continue Reading “Learn to Love by Thomas Jordan (Book Review #716)”

Restore her by Cheryl Lacey Donovan (Book Review #708)

Restore her is a 7-step healing process designed to renew yourself from what you deem to be a not-so-happy life. The author attempts to restore the reader’s identity, relationship, wealth and fight self-doubt.   The book begins with the author explaining a little about… Continue Reading “Restore her by Cheryl Lacey Donovan (Book Review #708)”

Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)

Happy to meet me is a journal made to provide an endless life of self-exploration. Its goal is to make the writer feel a shift in their thoughts, feelings and life. It contains deliberately placed prompts to stimulate deep insights and asks you to… Continue Reading “Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)”

What goes down- the end of an eating disorder by Callie Bowld (Book Review #697)

What goes down is a self-help nutrition and story style natured book written about a woman who’s been struggling with bring eating, bulimia and other forms of eating disorders. She describes her struggles with food from the beginning.

Living Lightly – Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander (Book Review #680)

Living lightly is a self-help book written about ways to create happiness and calmness into your life. It approaches the matter by initially identifying that things are not going well. It asks you to step back and have a different look at the situation… Continue Reading “Living Lightly – Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander (Book Review #680)”

Find Your Inner Gold by Karen Hood- Caddy (Book Review #675)

Find your inner gold is a self-help book providing 21 ways as a tool to find your own strength and to transform yourself. The book is to be used as an emotional cleanse in order to remove bad habits and to implement long-lasting behavior.