Tag: Memoir

When Love Sticks Around by Danielle Dayney (Book Review #1142)

When love sticks around is a memoir – interconnected personal essays – that genuinely move you. You get to read and live the moments Dayney does but in a way that connects you to so much more. Dayney’s writing style and form of expression… Continue Reading “When Love Sticks Around by Danielle Dayney (Book Review #1142)”

Desiree – The Music of My Soul by Peggy Race (Book Review #1138)

Desiree is a memoir written about how Peggy deals with losing her husband and survives without him. Her troubles are not only emotional, but her furry friends need her full attention as well. Her insecurities, self-doubt, and low self-esteem is a reflection of all… Continue Reading “Desiree – The Music of My Soul by Peggy Race (Book Review #1138)”

Unconventional by Jamie Andrea Garzot (Book Review #1136)

Unconventional is a memoir written by Jamie Andrea Garzot describing her journey from having a four-figure capital investment and no experience to becoming a cannabis entrepreneur and pioneer.

Chasing Butterflies: The True Story of a Daughter of 9/11 by Ashley Bisman (Book Review #1133)

Chasing Burfferlies is a beautiful memoir written by Ashley Bisman, who expresses her devastating loss of her father due to the 9/11 terrorist attack of the trade center. She realizes that things will not be the same; she tells us how Jeff, her father,… Continue Reading “Chasing Butterflies: The True Story of a Daughter of 9/11 by Ashley Bisman (Book Review #1133)”

Under the Orange Blossoms by Cindy Benezra (Book Review #1129)

Under the orange blossoms is a self-help book demonstrating how strong an individual can be. As Cindy lets you in her past, you understand so much about her personality, character, and inner beauty.

The Burning Light of Two Stars by Laura Davis (Book Review #1125)

The burning light of two stars is a beautiful story about a mother and daughter and how they deal with family divergence, death, and dementia. It is written with an honest approach to how it feels to confront harsh realities with dignity.

Floating in Saltwater by Barbara Carter (Book Review #1114)

Floating in saltwater is a memoir about a child’s experience and perspective dealing with dire situations. It is a collection of stories and is staged in three sections beginning with how confusing life is. The book then questions her reason for being and belonging… Continue Reading “Floating in Saltwater by Barbara Carter (Book Review #1114)”

Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)

Reinvented is an autobiography about Jason Calabrese. His life is very hard, mostly with debt, low self-esteem, broken teeth, and a spirit he sees as almost destroyed. Feeling beaten down, he faces unemployment and isolation with COVID-19, but the stillness makes him think and… Continue Reading “Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)”

Geckos and Guns – The Pakistan Years by Sharon Bazant (Book Review #1082)

Geckos and Guns is a travel memoir. This book follows her 2019 book titled ‘Nine Years in Bangkok’ and is a prequel to the author’s family breaking from everything they were used to and leaving Canada, their home. The author demonstrates many ups and… Continue Reading “Geckos and Guns – The Pakistan Years by Sharon Bazant (Book Review #1082)”