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How To Pull A Movie Out Of Your A** by G. Dorchak (Book Review #1209)

How to pull a movie out of you’re a** is a nonfiction self-help book for those interested in the filmmaking industry and looking for ways to enter the business without breaking the bank.

Three Things Matter Most by Brett Atlas (Book Review #1197)

Three Things Matter Most is a self-help book. In this book, the author asks the right questions making you ponder on what you have been doing so far in your life. ‘Are you focused on what matters most?’ is something I would have been… Continue Reading “Three Things Matter Most by Brett Atlas (Book Review #1197)”

Everything Not Okay by Laura Tucker (Book Review #478)

Everything not okay is a fictional story about Kate, a 17-year-old dealing with anger issues. Her confidence is low and is forced to stay at a mental health clinic for a month. Being a teenager alone takes a big toll on a person never… Continue Reading “Everything Not Okay by Laura Tucker (Book Review #478)”