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Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)

This book is a nonfiction book written about the word. The author explains the word by using pop culture references and many other sources to enable the reader a vast knowledge of understanding. It is apparent to see that the author has aimed to… Continue Reading “Know Your Sh*t by Gary Marinin (Book Review #1210)”

How To Pull A Movie Out Of Your A** by G. Dorchak (Book Review #1209)

How to pull a movie out of you’re a** is a nonfiction self-help book for those interested in the filmmaking industry and looking for ways to enter the business without breaking the bank.

How to Motivate Yourself in 15 Minutes by Noah William Smith (Book Review #1208)

How to motivate yourself in 15 minutes is a nonfiction self-help book. It is geared for those who wish to have a relatively faster approach towards motivation and feeling more driven.

Fishing for More: A Memoir by Brett Bloemendaal (Book Review #1200)

Fishing for more is a non-fiction memoir about Brett and how he begins to reshape his life after losing his grandfather. As Brett’s psychical state deteriorates, he re-lives the lasting memories with his father and how much he loved their fishing trips. 

The Wedding Survival Kit by  Nadine & Irv Brechner, Paulette & John Pitonyak and Carol & Bob Schilling (Book Review #1195)

The wedding survival kit is a nonfiction self-help book providing 44 strategies to assist the wedding planner with less stress and conflict. Besides the approaches, you also get to read about special resourses and lists of questions you would ask your vendor.


Destiny lives on Fairhaven street is book one of its series. It is a nonfiction memoir written about love and how powerful it can be. It all begins with the author and his childhood. Biographies typically start this way, but what was different was… Continue Reading “DESTINY LIVES ON FAIRHAVEN STREET BY C.J. HUDSON (Book Review #1194)”

Creating Relationship Wellness by Stephanie Wijkstrom (Book Review #1193)

Creating relationship wellness is a non-fiction self-help book designed to teach the reader about mindfulness and how you can use this technique to develop healthy and positive relationships.

Roswell, area 51, & God by Richard M. Evans (Book Review #1170)

Roswell, area 51, & God is a non-fiction book and discusses the 1947 UFO crash near the base at Roswell, New Mexico, and other UFOs in other locations like Washington. It is filled with military history and biography. The author goes into details regarding… Continue Reading “Roswell, area 51, & God by Richard M. Evans (Book Review #1170)”

Tiny Yellow Hat by J.Michael Chamberlain (Book Review #1164)

Tiny yellow hat is a memoir filled with humor and exciting situations that makes you want to keep reading. The author creatively explains his life experiences in a fair and honest way. He makes sure to grab your attention and drive you into his… Continue Reading “Tiny Yellow Hat by J.Michael Chamberlain (Book Review #1164)”