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Simple Preaching Prep by Mark Messmore (Book Review #1257)

Simple preaching prep is a nonfiction self-help book written for those who wish to perfect preaching or want the recourses to help train and become one. The book is short but compact. It is helpful for those who like to read explicit material and… Continue Reading “Simple Preaching Prep by Mark Messmore (Book Review #1257)”

The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace by Christina Samycia (Book Review #1248)

The journey of discovering inner peace is a nonfiction self-help book. It provides practical advice for self-discovery and healing emotions that have been blocking the path to success.

Creating Relationship Wellness by Stephanie Wijkstrom (Book Review #1193)

Creating relationship wellness is a non-fiction self-help book designed to teach the reader about mindfulness and how you can use this technique to develop healthy and positive relationships.

Creating Gods by Omar Newton Wilson (Book Review #1137)

Creating Gods is a self-help- philosophy book discussing the concept of ‘The Sandbox’ being the universe with a gazillion moving parts informing us of the language of which allows us ways to think. The way we think implements constructs existing in singularities.

Happy Here and Now by Matt Tracy (Book Review #1123)

Happy here and now is a self-help book designed to assist the reader in choosing the life they wish and be grateful for it. The book discusses the voices you hear in your head and attempts to heal and improve your relationships.

Enjoy in Joy by Geeco (Book Review #1089)

Enjoy in joy is a self-help book geared towards those who wish to get more out of their life and increase their peace of mind towards being happier. Making a change is hard, but this book challenges you to change the way you think.

Lessons from the Len Master by Ron Zayas (Book Review #810)

Lessons from the Len Master is a self-help book designed to help the reader achieve tremendous success in life and business and learn how to negotiate things ethically.

Ask: How to Relate to Anyone by Daniel R. Solin (Book Review # 772)

Ask: how to relate to anyone is a self-help book defining ways where we can establish and maintain long term relationships. The author demonstrates this ability by using psychology and neuroscience.

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Out of the Pantry: A Disordered Eating Journey Ronni Robinson (Book Review #764)

Out of the pantry is a self-help book and Ronni Robinson and her journey struggling with disordered eating. Ronni has a big secret, and she is ashamed of how food controls her life. She is a slave to food through emotional eating, binge eating,… Continue Reading “Out of the Pantry: A Disordered Eating Journey Ronni Robinson (Book Review #764)”

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