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Creating Gods by Omar Newton Wilson (Book Review #1137)

Creating Gods is a self-help- philosophy book discussing the concept of ‘The Sandbox’ being the universe with a gazillion moving parts informing us of the language of which allows us ways to think. The way we think implements constructs existing in singularities.

The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram (Book Review #1094)

The greatest game is a philosophical work of fiction, and it’s about human life and finding meaning within that existence. The author believes that we have paid the price for the intelligence we gained and become ignorant towards what is right and wrong.

Awakening to a New Reality by Janice Dolley (Book Review #734)

Awakening to a new reality is a spiritual self-help book about after-death conversations the author has with her best friend. The discussions cover subjects like dealing with grief and living to the fullest potential.

Perceptions by Sam Mansourou (Book Review #566)

Perceptions is a non-fiction book criticizing religion not by its name but by its concept, its social effects and influences and more. The book has over 300 citations and criticizes the vacancy of religious notions and scripture and takes on theologians as well. The… Continue Reading “Perceptions by Sam Mansourou (Book Review #566)”

The little book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber (Book Review #562)

The little book of Stoicism is a book geared towards bettering your life using Stoic Philosophy. The book begins by providing a brief explanation of the history of Stoicism. The philosophy of what it means and how effective the practices, meditations are for our… Continue Reading “The little book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber (Book Review #562)”

Instant Wisdom by Beth Burgess (Book Review #518)

Instant Wisdom is a self-help book that uses psychology, philosophy, and science in order to increase wisdom and enable better living.

“God Challenges from Philosophy and Science” by Lynne Renoir (Book Review #477)

God Challenges from philosophy and science is a religious book written by Lynne Renoir. In this book, she challenges the view of an all-powerful being in a philosophical way.  She writes to prove that God does not accord with modern science and that there… Continue Reading ““God Challenges from Philosophy and Science” by Lynne Renoir (Book Review #477)”

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua

The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua   ARE WE COSMIC APES? Neanderthal brains were larger than ours are. They thought in symbols and made and used tools over a million years ago. They interbred with modern humans, passing on a percentage of their… Continue Reading “The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua”

History of Philosophy by Michael J. Stewart (Book Review #206)

This review was kindly requested by Lean Stone Book Club. History of Philosophy is a mind-boggling book discussing Roman, Eastern, and Western philosophy. It also includes Theories and philosophers, which have had great influence in shaping what we have today. I liked this book… Continue Reading “History of Philosophy by Michael J. Stewart (Book Review #206)”