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Awakening to a New Reality by Janice Dolley (Book Review #734)

Awakening to a new reality is a spiritual self-help book about after-death conversations the author has with her best friend. The discussions cover subjects like dealing with grief and living to the fullest potential.

No one has to die alone by Dr. Lani Leary (Book Review #23)

Too tired to read? You can listen to Jeyran’s review below. “Caring for a terminally ill loved one can be the single biggest challenge of your life. Drawing from her experience sitting with over 500 people as they died and caring for her own terminally… Continue Reading “No one has to die alone by Dr. Lani Leary (Book Review #23)”

Halfway by Lokesh Sharma & Anubhav Sharma (Book Review #105)

  Imagine a life after you die where you don’t remember anything from your previous existence. Halfway is a story about after death. Anyone that dies wakes up into this realm called the Enigma. They all have to face any crime they have committed… Continue Reading “Halfway by Lokesh Sharma & Anubhav Sharma (Book Review #105)”

Moristoun by Kevin McAllion (Book Review #111)

This review was kindly requested by the author, Kevin MaAllion. Moristoun is a story about redemption, love and the enjoyment of living. There are times in life when nothing seems to be going your way. The feeling of loneliness, having no goals or ambition… Continue Reading “Moristoun by Kevin McAllion (Book Review #111)”