Moristoun by Kevin McAllion (Book Review #111)

This review was kindly requested by the author, Kevin MaAllion.

Moristoun is a story about redemption, love and the enjoyment of living. There are times in life when nothing seems to be going your way. The feeling of loneliness, having no goals or ambition and failing to recognize the reason for living overwhelms the individual causing them to consider giving up living entirely.

This book takes you on a journey to an island called Moristoun where Scottish people who have given up on life travel there. William Buchan who is on this island has been stuck there for over 200 years. McSorely wishes to take his life and so William decides to convince McSorely to find confidence; love and joy back into his heart, in other words, rehabilitate his way of thinking by offering him a job. He and another person named Gail are the only two mortals on this Island. She was brought there after her mother had died from suicide. Things do not take long before they get more complicated and that is just the beginning of this black comedy tale!

At first, I thought that this is going to be a very depressing book discussing sensitive topics that I am not very eager to read about. The topic of death and taking your own life is such a contradicting emotion and thought in relation to my happy personality and joyful attitude, therefore, when I read books on this matter, I typically feel very out of touch and silly. Moristoun though had a sprinkle of humor within the subtext of its content. This lifted the mood of the book and provided novelty to the whole approach.

In addition to the storyline, the literary content was written with Scottish slang and references, which I believe not everyone, would understand but would appreciate. The book is not something you would find like others. I enjoyed the plot and the casting crew. The world setting and the flow of the story were easy to understand, and I believe demonstrated that the author had done an intense amount of reading towards researching the subject matter.

I recommend this book to all fiction- dark comedy readers and people that like to read on something different.

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Written by Jeyran Main

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