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Giant Banana Over Texas: Darkly Humorous Tales by Mark Nutter (Book Review #1459)

“Giant Banana Over Texas” is a humorous fiction containing a collection of fictional tales. The added funny notions were a plus and made you want to read the next story.

CHILDPROOF by Michael Noonan (Book Review #1458)

‘Childproof’ is a dark humor book about how children can affect your life and you could want what used to be a calm and peaceful life back.

Give Me Shelter by David B. Seaburn (Book Review #1455)

‘Give Me Shelter’ is a historical thriller set in 1962 when the Cuban missile crisis threatened the world. The story revolves around Willie, Denny and their grandfather. He takes care of the children after their parents die in an accident.

Two Rivers by Bob Rogers (Book Review #1445)

‘Two Rivers’ is a novel emphasizing the long-held enslavers’ myths. The story creates an opportunity for everyone to better understand the lives of Americans—black and white—living day-to-day in 1854-1855.

Reaper by J.R. Lightfoot (Book Review #1441)

‘Reaper’ is a fantasy story filled with horror and elements of Christianity. The story begins with Reaper traveling to Colley and attempting to eliminate a demon. What he finds himself in is a whole other ordeal.

The Hapless Hero by Terdell Lee Johnson (Book Review #1440)

‘The Judges Chronicles’ is a fictional story taken from the biblical book of Judges. Gideon is a rabbit chosen by the Holy One to be a general and manage and protect the county of Shavron.

The New Empire by Alison McBain (Book Review #1432)

‘The New Empire’ is a speculative fiction set in a two-dimensional alternative timeline. The historical story is set in the 18th century when China was the first to land and is known as the USA.

When We Lost Touch by Susan Kraus (Book Review #1430)

‘When We Lost Touch’ is a contemporary fiction focused on Grace and how her life changes when she comes back from a cruise ship to face COVID-19. Her 11-year-old grandson’s mental illness, her daughter’s graduate program, her best friend getting the virus, and the… Continue Reading “When We Lost Touch by Susan Kraus (Book Review #1430)”

Pretty Short Stories – Unsettling by Stevan Serban (Book Review #1421)

‘Pretty Short Stories – Unsettling’ is a short story collection that consists of horror, paranormal stories and suspense. There is something for everyone in each story, providing different feelings for every page.