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These Days – Short Stories, Scenes and Sketches by Nick Fuller (Book Review #1126)

These days is a collection of short stories. The 8 pieces of the anthology are not related and are based on life in the 2020s. From climate change to conspiracy theories, the book covers a variety of subject matters.

Boy, Falling by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #1117)

Boy, falling is a historical fiction that begins with Gerard Rougeaus leaving Montreal, his home for New York City. The story is set in 1909 and tells the story of Gerard’s journey. He has a half-sister Jeannette and two nieces who are struggling. The… Continue Reading “Boy, Falling by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #1117)”

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)

Dragons in the clouds is a fantasy fiction story and begins with the tales of dragons and their connection with lightning and thunder. The book is geared towards the younger generation and is filled with action and adventure. There is a mystery, magic and… Continue Reading “Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)”

Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)

Heaven’s assassins is a dark thriller, black humour, crime fiction. I found the book to be just like the author had mentioned. It was the work of street fiction. Honest thoughts, real conversations and feelings that people have. Especially liberal-minded, educated, and well-read folks… Continue Reading “Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)”

Magnetism by Jacqueline Gay Walley (Book Review #1097)

Magnetism is a beautiful story about Mira, a woman who isn’t finding luck in dating or even feeling youthful enough to explore that option properly. But, the lady living above her, who is much older, has everything she seeks. When the old lady passes,… Continue Reading “Magnetism by Jacqueline Gay Walley (Book Review #1097)”

She’s Found Her Mind by François Tremblay (Book Review #1086)

She’s found her mind is a fictional comedy story about November, a Manic Pixie dream girl and her love interest, Beef, a cult follower. November sees and understands herself better as she learns more about herself and realizes that it isn’t just necessary to… Continue Reading “She’s Found Her Mind by François Tremblay (Book Review #1086)”

TALES FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SOLE by David Kingston Yeh (Book Review #1083)

Tales from the bottom of my sole is a gay romantic comedy. It begins when David’s sister shows up as a trans man named Luke and enters Daniel and David’s lives. They are dating and are together.

Thoughts on Teaching Fiction Online by Michael Backus

Teaching fiction writing online works surprisingly well as a whole, I’ve taught close to 150 classes in the past 18 years for Gotham Writer’s Workshop and Zoetrope Magazine and most of those have been online in the past 10 years.

Tale of the Pack by B. P. Williams (Book Review #1079)

Tale of the pack is a fictional story about Elizabeth Forty, a 10-year-old orphan in the Happydale Home for Parentless and Unwanted Children, located in Tri-Rivers in Western Montana.