Tag: Fiction

The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)

The secret of Rosalita Flats is a mystery humor set on a small Caribbean island, and it’s about Cal. He is a watchmaker and has inherited a big house he wants to get rid of. All he wants is to get off Blacktip Island… Continue Reading “The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)”

A Child of the Cold War: Code Name: Kitten by Cathy O’Bryan (Book Review #844)

A child of the cold war is a historical fiction based on a real family dealing with the cold war intruding in their seemingly normal life. Emmy, a teenager, is unaware that she has high-level CIA agents’ parents, wanted by the Nazi sympathizers.

The Sins of Others by Florian Schneider (Book Review #839)

The sins of others is a historical fiction set in 1933. It tells the story of Ben Heimlich, an English conflict zone photographer, and his estranged mother, who happens to be a militant fanatic on the run. Although Ben’s life may seem ideal, he… Continue Reading “The Sins of Others by Florian Schneider (Book Review #839)”

The Auctioneers by Florian Schneider (Book Review #836)

The auctioneers is a fictional story about Anabel Medina, a Salvadoran immigrant and social worker in Los Angeles who, after having famously subdued a rampage shooter on a killing spree in Malibu, rises to become a popular international voice for peace and social equity.

Prospects of a Woman by Wendy Voorsanger (Book Review #828)

Prospects of a Woman is a historical novel about Elisabeth Parker. The story is set in 1849, and Elisabeth travels to California with her husband, Nate, to see her father. Things don’t turn out as planned as Elisabeth finds herself stranded by her father,… Continue Reading “Prospects of a Woman by Wendy Voorsanger (Book Review #828)”

Changing Ways by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #822)

Changing ways is the story about a 16-year-old girl called Grace Edwards. She is vulnerable, sensitive, and is not coping well with her life. From her diet to self-harming, she has suicidal thoughts, and as soon as things get a touch at school, it… Continue Reading “Changing Ways by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #822)”

Hunting Abigail by Jeremy Costello (Book Review #809)

Hunting Abigail is an intense psychological thriller set in the year 1922. The story begins by talking about a serial killer in London, and a ten-year-old, Abigail, who happens to be the only survivor. She has seen his face and has lost her parents… Continue Reading “Hunting Abigail by Jeremy Costello (Book Review #809)”

Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)

Bottomless cups is the story really begins with Teddy and Ray spending their life drinking endless cups of coffee at various restaurants that offer refills without you having to purchase any food. With coffee, many stories of discussions, memories, and challenges occur that shape… Continue Reading “Bottomless Cups by Joel Bresler (Book Review #864)”

Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter (Book Review #841)

Whisper of the Lotus is a fictional novel about Charlotte, who travels to Cambodia and meets the dashing Rashid, an older man with a secret. The descriptive writing takes you on a beautiful journey, making you smile as you learn about the golden temple,… Continue Reading “Whisper of the Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter (Book Review #841)”