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To be enlightened by Alan J. Steinberg (Book Review #993)

To be enlightened is a fictional story written about Abe Levy, a professor of philosophy at a Southern California college, and Sara, his wife. Sarah wants nothing to do with Abe’s interest in meditation or his enlightenment journey.

Gone by Reagan Keeter (Book Review #988)

GONE is a thriller fiction written about how Connor does everything he can to find his abducted parents. Although police have been doing all they can, Connor finds himself searching for his parents, who have been taken.

Fishing for Something by Andrew Scott Bassett (Book Review #985)

Fishing for something is a fictional tale about two entrained brothers who barely have anything in common. The one thing they remember is how their father left them and how loving their mother is. However, things changed when they realized that their father has… Continue Reading “Fishing for Something by Andrew Scott Bassett (Book Review #985)”

I am Cuba: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution by Matthew Langdon Cost (Book Review #968)

I am Cuba is a military historical fiction about Fidel Castro’s battle, beginning with such a small army to when he becomes the most powerful man in Cuba.

Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom (Book Review #963)

Amora is a historical fiction with elements of Christian faith embodied in its structure. The story is based on events that actually took place in history. It is detailed and inclusive of historical figures that provide an insight into the Roman period and its… Continue Reading “Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom (Book Review #963)”

 Love and Daisies by Jennifer L. Rowlands (Book Review #938)

Love and Daisies is a fictional story about a girl called Ella. She lives in a small town and lives a decent everyday life. As everything is running smoothly suddenly, the arrival of someone new brings in a tide of events that she did… Continue Reading ” Love and Daisies by Jennifer L. Rowlands (Book Review #938)”

Surviving Crazy by Frank Crimi (Book Review #931)

Surviving Crazy is a humorous fiction written about a gigantic solar that plunges into the world creating a lot of chaos. Riley, Louie and Shephard are an interesting pair of friends who happen to find themselves trapped. The post-apocalyptic story then takes you on… Continue Reading “Surviving Crazy by Frank Crimi (Book Review #931)”

The Sky Worshipers by F. M. Deemyad (Book Review #925)

The sky worshipers is a military fiction story setting us back to Genghis Khan, the Mongol leader whose ambition was to take over the world. The story takes you on an honest, historically correct endeavor revealing the life of the conquerors and women’s voice… Continue Reading “The Sky Worshipers by F. M. Deemyad (Book Review #925)”

Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney (Book Review #923)

Stalking Gideon Cain is a psychological thriller about Brendan Callahan. He is an author of continuous bestselling thrillers. Brendan’s success in his writing is based on a big lie and a secret that takes over the story, challenging his life and causing people to… Continue Reading “Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney (Book Review #923)”