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Revolution by David Dorrough (Book Review #1365)

Revolution Is a dark humor fictional tale, and its added contemporary comedic element creates a very interesting read. Bill and Yvonne Smede are two middle-aged protagonists living in California, introducing all the drama that comes with their life, friends and relations.

Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)

Empire Resurgent is a historical fiction set in 530 A.D. Emperor Justinian is the emperor of Rome. Still, General Belisarius wants to change a few things and how things are run. As he manoeuvres ways to achieve this goal, he finally finds a way… Continue Reading “Empire Resurgent by Robert Bruton (Book Review #1359)”

Close Your Eyes: A Fairy Tale by Chris Tomasini (Book Review #1354)

‘Close your eyes’ is a historical fiction set in the 1400s, and it’s about the King of Gora hiring a cast of helpers to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and entertainment of his two children.

Under The Red Moon by Antonio Caruso (Book Review #1339)

‘Under the red moon’ is a dystopian fiction about Will and how he is a human incarnation living on earth. All his encounters, perspectives, and internal conflicts provide the reader with an insightful and enjoyable read. He understands how the world works and how… Continue Reading “Under The Red Moon by Antonio Caruso (Book Review #1339)”

The Letter Carrier by L.C. Lewis (Book Review #1333)

The Letter Carrier is a beautiful war fiction story based on what a family endures after the Nazi soldiers invade their small village and live in their home. Michelle is a beautiful 12-year-old at the time when this happens and suffers so much hardship… Continue Reading “The Letter Carrier by L.C. Lewis (Book Review #1333)”

GOODS & EFFECTS By Al Schnupp (Book Review #1330)

‘Goods and Effects’ is a fictional story about Hanna, a Mennonite who sells her family farm after the death of her husband and children and buys a delivery truck traveling to make money.

Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)

Winter Pale is a historical romance filled with plenty of drama, love, and above all, important decisions that impact Winter’s life. At the age of 20, from an outside perspective, you feel that she has it all. Living in Paris and being happy. However,… Continue Reading “Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)”

Stolen Moments of Joy by Hamour Baika (Book Review #1320)

Stolen Moments of Joy is a contemporary LGBT story for an adult audience. The story begins with Abdul and his destructive relationship with Cliff. Abdul is a gay Afghan, and at the young age of only 24, he doesn’t really know what to do.

The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)

‘The Forty-Something Fanboy’ is a contemporary fiction and begins introducing David Yi, a divorced Korean American man who is struggling to make connections due to Covid-19. He falls in love with Yoon- Mi, but soon that also falls apart since he cannot induce intimacy… Continue Reading “The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)”