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Now that you have seen me by C. L. Roberts (Book Review #1173)

Now that you have seen me is an exciting story about Farrah Glickman visiting a therapist, Bonnie, and re-countering her life from the earliest traumatic memory up to where she is now. Farrah is 29 and has been through many failed relationships. She has… Continue Reading “Now that you have seen me by C. L. Roberts (Book Review #1173)”

The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1171)

The trouble with belonging is a coming of age romance fiction story about Chen Kehuan, a Taiwanese boy who has lost his mother to cancer and lives with his diplomat father, Chen Liang. He struggles to live in Berlin, and just when he tries… Continue Reading “The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1171)”

War Story by Rolf C. Margenau (Book Review #1165)

War story is a well-written historical fiction offering a different perspective on World War II. The coming of age story includes a nine-year-old New Englander, Achim, a Yale grad student, Paul, a sixteen-year-old female aviatrix who flies warplanes, Liesel, and a Nazi soldier, named… Continue Reading “War Story by Rolf C. Margenau (Book Review #1165)”

The Midnight Man by Kevin Klehr (Book Review #1161)

The midnight man is a fantasy fiction LGBTQ story about Stanley and how he does not feel happy with his partner at the age of fifty. After meeting Asher, things change, and he senses something special about him. Stanley feels that his world has… Continue Reading “The Midnight Man by Kevin Klehr (Book Review #1161)”

Outcasts: An Anthology Foreword by Dan Fogler (Book Review #1154)

Outcasts is an anthology of eighteen short stories that showcase the skills of many authors’ storytelling abilities. You notice the difference, change in conversation, and the diverse elements of character introductions within the premise as you read along. The book’s title stands out and… Continue Reading “Outcasts: An Anthology Foreword by Dan Fogler (Book Review #1154)”

The Youngest Doughboy by Steve Sterling (Book Review #1143)

The youngest doughboy is a war fiction story about Ernest Wrentmore, who goes to Europe and fights in WW1 at the age of 13. The literature is a screenplay filled with the reality of war, death, and killing.

These Days – Short Stories, Scenes and Sketches by Nick Fuller (Book Review #1126)

These days is a collection of short stories. The 8 pieces of the anthology are not related and are based on life in the 2020s. From climate change to conspiracy theories, the book covers a variety of subject matters.

Boy, Falling by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #1117)

Boy, falling is a historical fiction that begins with Gerard Rougeaus leaving Montreal, his home for New York City. The story is set in 1909 and tells the story of Gerard’s journey. He has a half-sister Jeannette and two nieces who are struggling. The… Continue Reading “Boy, Falling by Jenny Jaeckel (Book Review #1117)”

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)

Dragons in the clouds is a fantasy fiction story and begins with the tales of dragons and their connection with lightning and thunder. The book is geared towards the younger generation and is filled with action and adventure. There is a mystery, magic and… Continue Reading “Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair (Book Review #1107)”