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Illyia – The Feigned Moon of Entiria by E. A. Bagby (Book Review #1024)

Illyia is the second book of the feigned moon of Entria series. Having read book one, I knew what I was getting into. The story continued with Giels Deo wanting to be the Lead storyteller and kept overcoming many highs and lows. While he… Continue Reading “Illyia – The Feigned Moon of Entiria by E. A. Bagby (Book Review #1024)”

Everything Somewhere by David Kummer (Book Review #1017)

Everything somewhere is a coming of age fictional story geared toward the young adult generation. It begins with Hudson, a young man who is dealing with depression and isolation. He meets Bruce Michaels, who is a celebrity hiding away from the public eye. The… Continue Reading “Everything Somewhere by David Kummer (Book Review #1017)”

Cutthroat Cheerleader by Zachary Ryan (Book Review #1005)

Cutthroat cheerleader is a coming-of-age fictional story. It begins with Madison Taylor, a cheerleader captain, who is murdered. She is well known, a bully, controlling, and she realizes how her actions and behavior have affected everyone after her death. Her soul looks over everyone,… Continue Reading “Cutthroat Cheerleader by Zachary Ryan (Book Review #1005)”

On Nana’s Shoulders by Vicki Schoen (Book Review #774)

On Nana’s shoulders is a contemporary woman’s novel written about Debra Sherrill and her attempt to save her family.

They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)

They lived they were at Brighton beach is a contemporary fiction book about the coming of age of a struggling artist. Ilya is a 22-year-old dancer at a nightclub. He loses her over a hidden stash of coke and prescription pills. Everything goes downhill… Continue Reading “They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach By Iván Brave (Book Review #768)”

Who’s your daddy by Arisa white (Book review #797)

  Who’s your daddy is a lyrical genre-bending coming-of-age tale featuring a young, queer, black Guyanese American woman who, while seeking to define her own place in the world, negotiates an estranged relationship with her father.

My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj (Book Review #728)

My dear Ellie is a fictional story about love and friends. It begins with Ellie wanting to be a superstar. Her dream and ambitions are so intense that she does not want to take a long time to achieve it. As the going says,… Continue Reading “My Dear Ellie by Aisha Urooj (Book Review #728)”

The Green Boy – The Chronicles of Agartha – (Book 1) by Sherif Mekdam and Isaac Michaan (Book Review #681)

The green boy is a coming of age fantasy story about Ethan, a 14-year-old boy who discovers a green aura which happens to be the last of an extinct race. Ethan lives in a world where the color of your Aura defines who you… Continue Reading “The Green Boy – The Chronicles of Agartha – (Book 1) by Sherif Mekdam and Isaac Michaan (Book Review #681)”

The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)

The dark child is a family-oriented story about Kezia. She struggles with her mother, sister, father and brother, as each to their own suffers from some form of mental, physical and relationship issues. Above all this, there is a big family secret that is… Continue Reading “The dark child by Timothy Lawver (Book Review #679)”