Tag: Romance

Forbidden Love by Dee Rose (Book Review #1373)

‘Forbidden Love’ is a fiction romance about Mark and Jess and how they overcome obstacles both individually and together as friends and possibly more. The closeness and relationship between them are undeniable. Mark has strong sexual feelings for Jessie, and although Jesse marries his… Continue Reading “Forbidden Love by Dee Rose (Book Review #1373)”

Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)

‘Ask Not’ is a fantasy romance about Katie Casey and her obsession with the Kennedys. Her life isn’t much at all. Her daughter is a teen suicide, and her son has no ambition or goals, but the focus is mostly on her keen eagerness… Continue Reading “Ask Not by Mary M. Schmidt (Book Review #1357)”

Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)

Winter Pale is a historical romance filled with plenty of drama, love, and above all, important decisions that impact Winter’s life. At the age of 20, from an outside perspective, you feel that she has it all. Living in Paris and being happy. However,… Continue Reading “Winter Pale by Marina Koulouri (Book Review #1317)”

MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)

Mafia Muse is a crime thriller with a strong female protagonist, Anna Riccio, showing all the ups and downs of being a Club Singer and a wife to a Mob Boss. The story is set in the 1940s and channels through many international dramas… Continue Reading “MAFIA MUSE By Lawrence J. Potesta (Book Review #1291)”

The Secret Resort of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver (Book Review #1278)

The secret resort of Nostalgia is a mystery romance and begins with Mike Denning accepting the perfect job. He is in charge of documenting details on an island resort in Nostalgia.

The Hypnotist’s Assistant: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality by Richard DeVall (Book Review #1266)

The hypnotist’s assistant is a Christian mystery suspense romance story about Gary and the Earl. First, you mean Earl, a fallen fireman and magician who is paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair. You then meet Gary Crockett, a young boy who finds Earl, his neighbor,… Continue Reading “The Hypnotist’s Assistant: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality by Richard DeVall (Book Review #1266)”

Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)

Twisted love is an occult horror story about Dr. Julietta, an archaeologist who discovers a chamber containing the remains of a pair of lovers in an excavation while she is in Mexico City. The finding seems to be the core of the story, and… Continue Reading “Twisted Love by Wally Runnels (Book Review #1250)”

Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)

Fate’s final destiny is a military romance story. The story begins on a Pacific battlefield in 1944 during World War II but really goes back to 1930 when Cindy and Michael meet. Michael Johnson reminisces his time growing up in Oklahoma Panhandle and everything… Continue Reading “Fate’s Final Destiny by E T McNamara (Book Review #1246)”

The wanting by Christina Strigas (Book Review #1220)

Do soulmates exist? is a fiction romance story that is unconventional and teaches of the kind of love that you not only desire but wish for it to embody a soul as well.