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Run Away, Lizzy by Elizabeth J. Sparrow (Book Review #621)

Run away, Lizzy is a romantic comedy book written about Lizzy and Reilly. Lizzy has a very interesting life, being a daddy’s girl and enjoying the luxuries that come with it. She meets Reilly when she is 10, and his charm really makes an… Continue Reading “Run Away, Lizzy by Elizabeth J. Sparrow (Book Review #621)”

Home by Michael Golvach (Book Review #615)

Home is a paranormal horror novel written about Alexis Wood. I have read previous books from this author, so I knew what quality I was going to be receiving, and he did not disappoint.

Sentences That Contain Every Letter of the Alphabet

Did you know that English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the global lingua franca?

Love, War, Glory by Denis Akinmolasire (Book Review #577)

Love war glory is a poetry, short essay book written with care and divided into four sections, love, war, glory, and life stories. Each chapter contained a combination of poems and short essay writings regarding the title. The literature was lyrical and had a… Continue Reading “Love, War, Glory by Denis Akinmolasire (Book Review #577)”

Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone (Book Review #523)

Bella Toscana is a contemporary novel written about a woman who decides to take a trip to the beautiful land of Italy. As a married woman, she meets professor Flynn and that is when she begins to question everything about her self and her… Continue Reading “Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone (Book Review #523)”

The Starfarer (The Araloka Chronicles Book 2) by Petra Landon (Book Review #516)

The Starfarer is the second book of the Araloka Chronicles. This science fiction story follows book one where Sila and Zh’hir continue and grow to become closer. The reader gets to learn and see Zh’hir more in action saving Sila and her planet, as… Continue Reading “The Starfarer (The Araloka Chronicles Book 2) by Petra Landon (Book Review #516)”

The Palace of the Stars: Book One of the Harker Investigates Mysteries by Karina McRoberts (Book Review #518)

The Palace of the Stars is a historical fiction novel set in the Victorian era. The story is about Michael Harker, an ex-cop with unfinished business. An earthquake transports Mike, one hundred years into the past. He meets Mae, a dancer, and a magician.… Continue Reading “The Palace of the Stars: Book One of the Harker Investigates Mysteries by Karina McRoberts (Book Review #518)”

A Recipe for Love: A Lesbian Culinary Romance by Lucy J. Madison (Book Review #498)

A recipe for love is a fictional story about Danika. Her life has never been about herself, and as she retires from her long-term job, she realizes that for once she has a chance to do something with her life.

Missing Him: A real love story by L. Penn (Book Review 493)

  Missing Him is a women’s fiction novel. It is a love story about a woman who seeks therapy in order to win her freedom. Happiness does not come easy for Emery and what entails in this story. The narration is told in the… Continue Reading “Missing Him: A real love story by L. Penn (Book Review 493)”