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Two Rivers by Bob Rogers (Book Review #1445)

‘Two Rivers’ is a novel emphasizing the long-held enslavers’ myths. The story creates an opportunity for everyone to better understand the lives of Americans—black and white—living day-to-day in 1854-1855.

The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History by Bernard Jones (Book Review #1236)

The discovery of Troy and its lost history is a nonfiction book focusing on the Trojan war. In this book, Historian Bernard Jones unearths the Lost History and the real city of Troy. He uses his experience providing precise information, cross-examining every single know fact,… Continue Reading “The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History by Bernard Jones (Book Review #1236)”

The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)

The fire starters is a spy history crime story about Nicholas Foxe, who has to uncover the reasons behind the fire starters at Notre Dame and possibly The London Eye. Nick isn’t alone, and with his ready assembled team, he has to stop them… Continue Reading “The Fire Starters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #1211)”

Roswell, area 51, & God by Richard M. Evans (Book Review #1170)

Roswell, area 51, & God is a non-fiction book and discusses the 1947 UFO crash near the base at Roswell, New Mexico, and other UFOs in other locations like Washington. It is filled with military history and biography. The author goes into details regarding… Continue Reading “Roswell, area 51, & God by Richard M. Evans (Book Review #1170)”

The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn (Book Review #1155)

This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE. The Prisoner of Paradise is a historical fiction thriller about Nick taking a trip to Venice only to collapse after hearing a voice from Tintoretto’s Paradise, a monumental depiction of Heaven. Although his wife asks… Continue Reading “The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn (Book Review #1155)”

Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)

Hausa blue is an alternative history book about a world where the monarchy is a fraud and the Queen is an imposter. A commoner has exposed their identity with a different skin tone. There are strong female characters, and the premise is filled with… Continue Reading “Hausa Blue by Kate Abley (Book Review #1105)”

Tale of the Pack by B. P. Williams (Book Review #1079)

Tale of the pack is a fictional story about Elizabeth Forty, a 10-year-old orphan in the Happydale Home for Parentless and Unwanted Children, located in Tri-Rivers in Western Montana.

Critical Masses by Julie Banks Lewis (Book Review #1060)

Critical Masses is a self-help, non-fiction book, and it assesses the power dynamics and structural inequalities throughout American history. It discusses the system or powers, capitalism, democracy, patriarchy, and so much more.

Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)

Quantum Cannibals is a dystopian, time travel, science fiction story set from the Bronze age Mesopotamia to the post-Modern city-state. The content’s premise is about the protagonist being born repeatedly during different periods only to watch her return to the home she was once… Continue Reading “Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)”