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Critical Masses by Julie Banks Lewis (Book Review #1060)

Critical Masses is a self-help, non-fiction book, and it assesses the power dynamics and structural inequalities throughout American history. It discusses the system or powers, capitalism, democracy, patriarchy, and so much more.

Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)

Quantum Cannibals is a dystopian, time travel, science fiction story set from the Bronze age Mesopotamia to the post-Modern city-state. The content’s premise is about the protagonist being born repeatedly during different periods only to watch her return to the home she was once… Continue Reading “Quantum Cannibals by Nathan Elberg (Book Review #933)”

Friendship Estate by Lynda R. Edwards (Book Review #889)

Friendship Estate is a historical Caribbean and Latin American fiction story about two boys, Brixon and Dexter, who have grown up like brothers and were breastfed by the same nurse. Although they are racially different, the power of love and unity, creating a free… Continue Reading “Friendship Estate by Lynda R. Edwards (Book Review #889)”

Judenrein by Harold Benjamin (Book Review #777)

Judenrein is a dystopian thriller that envisions America’s Jews’ fate after a white supremacist cabal seizes power in the federal government. The story begins with Zack Gurevitz, who has an exciting past. He is a Yeshika boy, and as luck has it, the White… Continue Reading “Judenrein by Harold Benjamin (Book Review #777)”

In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow by Kenneth Harmon (Book Review #741)

In the realm of ash and sorrow is a historical fiction and magical realism story written about Micah Lund and Kiyomi Oshiro. Micah is a bombardier who has lost his mother and brother. He is seeking revenge. Kiyomi is a Japanese war widow who… Continue Reading “In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow by Kenneth Harmon (Book Review #741)”

In two minds by K.T.Findlay (Book Review #705)

In the two minds is a time travel fantasy story about a body that shares two personalities, a Museum curator called Thomas and a ten-year-old anglo Saxon Wulfstan. The year gap alongside the difference in culture alone should have made things complicated enough. But… Continue Reading “In two minds by K.T.Findlay (Book Review #705)”

Sentences That Contain Every Letter of the Alphabet

Did you know that English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the global lingua franca?

Far away and further back by Patrick Burns (Book Review #543)

Far away and further is a memoir written with the delicate texture of descriptions explaining in detail Patrick’s life. It describes his challenges, experiences, background and his travels. As a corporate nomad, he explores many avenues sharing some disadvantages welcoming us to an insightful… Continue Reading “Far away and further back by Patrick Burns (Book Review #543)”


THE ODDITIES OF A TRAVELING LIFE – WRITING AS RETIREMENT THERAPY FOR AN OLD GEEZER…by Patrick Burns   Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. I decided to climb off the corporate ladder nearly ten years ago, leaving Singapore and… Continue Reading “THE ODDITIES OF A TRAVELING LIFE – WRITING AS RETIREMENT THERAPY FOR AN OLD GEEZER…by Patrick Burns”